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Green House Effect

No description

mckenna jones

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Green House Effect

Green House Effect
BY: Mary &Mckenna What is the green house effect. There are two common meanings of the word green house effect. There is a natural green house effect which keeps the earth's climate warm. And there is a man made green house effect which comes from burning fossil fuels ( mainly petroleum, coal, and natural gas). The natrual Fun Facts Without the greenhouse effect the degrees would be below 0 degrees Celsius. and the summer would be cooler and winter would be a lot colder. how the green house effect works The greenhouse effect is a natural process. Sunlight passes through the atmosphere, warming the Earth’s surface. In turn, the land and oceans release heat, or infrared radiation, into the atmosphere, balancing the incoming energy. Water vapour, carbon dioxide and some other naturally occurring gases can absorb part of this radiation, allowing it to warm the lower atmosphere.

This absorption of heat, which keeps the surface of our planet warm enough to sustain us, is called the greenhouse effect. Without heat-trapping greenhouse gases, average global surface temperature would be -18°C rather than the current average of 15°C. fun facts Scientists agree that there are more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than there were before but they do not agree on how that will effect the earth. Some scientists think the greenhouse effect will effect the earth a lot by changing the climate--but they are not sure how long it will be before the climate changes. Other scientists think that the earth's climate systems will fix themselves. Some worry it may take a long time to do this (hundereds of years.) So your question, "what is the greenhouse effect," is actually a question that lots of scientists are asking, and no one really knows what the long term outcome will be the green house efect is
good for the earth because with out it we whould be pretty cold. Also water vapor, 36–70%
carbon dioxide, 9–26%
methane, 4–9%
ozone, 3–7% what are the greenhouse
gasses made of ? What is the green house effect? thanks for watching!! Thanks for watching!!! Greenhouse effect is very important but not everybody understands what it is or how it works or why its so critical for the life on earth. Here is a brief presentation to greenhouse effect and how it affects earth. video who discovered greenhouse effect? Joseph Fourier discovered the greenhouse effect back in 1824 he looked at some of the data available back then and found out that the earth gets most of its energy from solar radiation he thought that gases were responsible for absorbing the radiation and warming the earth.
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