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PR/Digital Media & Financial Plan

No description

Kayla Monae

on 18 December 2015

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Transcript of PR/Digital Media & Financial Plan

Voice is the Mission Statment. Tone is the voice of your mision. Visuals complete the mission by making an emotional connetion
creaopportunity in the Miami Market?
Digital & Social Marketing
Brand Expansion
Merging Social Sharing with Press
Wednesday, Decemeber 16, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Audience | Consumers

Offline & On-Time
PR/Digital Media Campaign PLAN
The most important goal is to support and extend our message.
Online Marketing & Adverising
Brain & Company
Loyalty programs

Social Campaigns
Customer Cases
Store Events
Company Contest
Company Sales

Partners & Partnerships
Financial Plan
Support & extend the message.
Journalist rely on socal media.
Improve Cognition.

Indsutry Reports
Focusing on shareing a message then advertising your products

Capturing the attention of industry experts

Lifestyle Groups
Facebook Groups
LinkedIn Groups
Youtube Guru's
When something happens in the industry or a afliated indsutry, that is the time to capture an audience. (i.e. Lysol Commerical Controversy)
Sharing & Resharing
Executive Reports
What is our opportunity in the market?
How can we satisy that need?
How are we different?
What is the compeition doing? How are they succeeding?

Local Compeitiors
Sneaky Kitchen
The Value Hardware
Crate & Barrel
House of Appliances
Trade Show List 2015

Local Magazines
Venue Magazine
Haute Living
Tropical Living & Design
The Miami Herald
Sun Sentinel
THINK Magazine
Aventura Magazine
Home Pros Guide
Miami News Times
Somi Magazine
Half Page Ad's to run six-times schedule betweeten the new year and summer
Local Area Posting
Wynwood Arts Posting
Inforaphics on Public Property
Local NewsPapers

Business to Business Adversiting
Marketing Partnerships
Neighboring Businesses Partnerships
Social Media Campaigns w/partners

Local Event Partnerships
Arts Basil
NBA Events
Boat Shows
Snow Birds flight

Activity: 4-9 Hour a Day
Facebook: 4-6x/day| Half Hour
Twitter : 8-12x/day | Half Hour
Instagram : 2-4x/day| Hour
Google + : 4-6x/day| Half Hour
LinkedIn Op-Ed: 1-2/week| 6+ Hours
Graphic Projects : 2-5x/week| 1-3 Hours
Web/Media Maintance: daily/ Half Hour
Video/Photos Editing & Creation: Rolling
Press: Rolling
Out of Office: 1 Hour Day
Feild Research
Partner Meetings

On-Site & Events: 4-6 Hours a Week
Location Events
Media Coverage
On-Site Filming
On-Site Meetings

Social Benchmarks
Event/Campaign Benchmarks
Where do our potential customers currently shop? Which social network has the right demographics? How do we bring our company culture to the Miami Market?

1. Surveys
Pew Research
Media Medium
2. Fortify Platforms
Google +
3. Posting strategy
Amazing Content
Perfect Timing
Ideal Frequency
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