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The Chicken

No description

shubha thapa

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of The Chicken

> brazilian writer
> originally from Ukraine
> lost her mother at young age
> struggled economically
> went to law school
> 1944 married Maury Gurgel Valente
"Little accustomed to such a savage struggle for survival, the chicken had to decide for herself the paths she must follow without any assistance from her race."
Literary Devices
Simile- " There the chicken remained, like a displaced ornament.

Alliteration- " little accustomed to such a savage struggle for survival."

Repetition- "... Stupid and timid "
The Chicken
Lispector's life (1920-1977)
> was required to become nationalized
> 1st novel No Exilio
> Perto do Coração Selvagem - 1943
> 1948 Pedro Gurgel Valente.
> a miscarriage, prompting a return to Brazil.
"Until one day they killed her and ate her, and the years rolled on."
" Even when they had chosen the chicken feeling the intimacy of her body with indifference, they could not tell if she were plump or thin."
Animal Imagery
" ...Females been given the power to crow, she would not have crowed but would have felt much happier.
womens in brazil- 20th century
> family expectations
> education
> women rights
> violence against women

existentialism cont.
"Positively flustered, the chicken laid an egg."
The chase scene between the chicken and the father.
a quick review!
what is existentialism??
We exist.
Decisions are made that affect that existence
All of that put together makes us who we are and forms our path in life
no matter what...
we end up here...
another quick review!

we will ultimately fail to find meaning in life
because of that, all searching for meaning is "absurd"
by: Shubha, Rosa, & Amany
- a story that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.
Animal imagery
- the relationship between humans and animals.
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