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Explaining Evidence

No description

Jennifer Bishop

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Explaining Evidence

Explaining Evidence
Primary - first, original (ex. original documents, photographs, interviews)
Secondary - information that's already been processed (ex. collection of essays)
Making it CLEAR
Spell out connections - make no assumptions about the reader
Ask questions about your explanations
1. Why am I making this point?
2. Why is this information/evidence important?
3. How is this related to my thesis?
4. Can I give an example to illustrate this point?
How do I use the evidence?
1. Quote
2. Paraphrase
3. Summary
Inserting evidence and using it
1. Insert a topic sentence
2. Explain your topic sentence
Introduce your evidence
4. Insert your evidence
5. Unpack your evidence (explain what the evidence means and why it's important to your argument)
6. Explain your evidence
7. Insert a concluding sentence - this should reassert how your paragraph contributes to the development of your argument
Using your Sources to Explain
Evidence is always FOR or AGAINST something

YOU need to be the one to MAKE THE LINK CLEAR

Introduce evidence with these word examples:
"asserts" "believes" "claims" "comments" "confirms" "declares" "defines" "describes" "explains" "indicates" "makes clear"
Explain the connection between your claim and the evidence
Explain links
Citations present, but don't overload
Checking Back
Reverse outline
Color Code:
1. Highlight topic sentences
2. Highlight evidence
3. Highlight analysis of evidence
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