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All About Data

Special Topics Jan 22, 2013

Saima Zulqarnain

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of All About Data

What we use data for: Where is the data coming from? Rankings: every two years
(next in 2013)

Process April- October
Results published beginning of November

We provide a list of our top 50 clients – mix of
open and custom

What happens?
BusinessWeek creates a list of companies and attempts to identify a single high-level executive education contact at each company to be surveyed.

They are e-mailed a survey by BW. If Rotman is not mentioned by at least 10 companies we are dropped from the rankings.

Data: values of qualitative or quantitative variables, belonging to a set of items.

Raw data:unprocessed data, refers to a collection of numbers, characters and is a relative term

Processed data: from one stage may be considered the "raw data" of the next. Program/Media Rankings Survey
Applications Business Week Financial Times Rankings: every year

process begins mid December and runs through until end of March – results released in May

Process :Two parts to the survey

an online survey sent to two groups of program alumni from the previous calendar year

one has to be a group from a senior-level program
one has to be a mid-level managers program

an online survey completed by us based on information collected from the rankings survey and finance. Wikipedia All About Data The Ranking
Deliver a FANTASTIC program

Once your program begins, you complete the survey..... What you do... What we do... filter consolidate sort organize calculate submit and pray! count verify quantify arrange categorize analyze The Raw Data The Ripple Effect Wikipedia A ripple effect is a situation where an effect from an initial state can be followed outwards incrementally. Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec BW Process Begins BW Process Ends BW Results Published FT Data Submission FT Results FT Process Begins Year-end data collection begins Year-end report finalized Unicon: State of the Industry Survey Completion FT- Data consolidation and review FT- Data consolidation and review Unicon: Marketing Best Practices Survey Completion 20% Preparation #4
Course design #7
Teaching materials #10
Faculty #9
Quality of participants
News skills & learning #1
Aims achieved #4
Food and accommodation
Facilities How do we stay here? Timely input of data
Accuracy of data A year
of data collection activity Game Time Clicker Commercial Break Women participants
International participants
Repeat business and growth
International location
Partner schools
Faculty diversity 80% Commercial Break Impact and Importance:
The Journey of Rotman EP Data Special Topics Meeting
January 22, 2013 1 Rankings Faculty Council Reports SMG Meetings Annual Report Marketing Materials Presentations Alumni Outreach Proposals Partnership Outreach Digital Signage UNICON Videos Financial Times and Business Week State of the Industry Marketing Survey http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MTY4MDY2NjcwMw Commercial Break http://www.polleverywhere.com/multiple_choice_polls/MTY4MDY2NjcwMw What % of your business in open enrolment programs was repeat business (that is, from companies that had used the school for open programs within the past three years)? Supply answer as a % of revenue. Repeat Business...
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