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the mind of a serial killer

Kathy Norman

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Sociopaths

DEFINITION: Who's At Risk ? Young people who develop a serious
tendency towards voyeurism Males are more likely than females People who are incapable to maintain relationships Children with Attention Deficit Disorder Social environment/ up-bringing Is Treating a sociopath possible? There is no known medicine that can stop
a person from being a sociopath Long-term Psychotherapy Medications Anger Management Yes it is ! Symptoms: Starts in childhood/adolescences Dr Jekyll & Mr. Hyde personality Aggressive and irritable WARNING !!!- this video may be difficult for some to view . Child of rage Attachment Therapy Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder (R.A.D) No empathy Voyeurism Cruelty to animals She just couldn't stop April 1989 Diagnosed with Reactive Attachment Disorder [R.A.D] Victim of sexual abuse until the age of 19 months Child Services Beth Thomas's Childhood Age 6 Tim and Julie Recovery Clinic Attachment Therapy Nursing Degree "More than A Thread of Hope" CBS Drama Employment www.attachment.org "She is no longer a child of rage, 29 but a phenomenal woman" Conduct disorder Sociopaths:
serial killer
in the
Making Adolph Hitler
Joseph Stalin
Aileen Wyornos
Ted Bundy

Angelina Jolie
Chris Brown
Elon Musk
Charles Manson Famous Sociopathic Killers Suspected sociopaths Charming, likable, intelligent Lack of empathy, insensitive Disregard to others feelings Unable to make deep and stable relationships with others Material gain, personal gain Gender differences: c

September 21, 2002- Angelo Buono dies of heart failure in prison

Kenneth Bianchi- still serving his 118 year sentence Captured Hillside Stranglers Angelo

Divorced parents
Juvenile delinquent

Verbally abused mother
Bragged about raping woman Kenneth

Born to an alcoholic prostitute
Given up for adoption
Adoptive dad died at age 13

Compulsive liar, violent tantrums, average intelligence, con man, manipulative, big ego How could anyone be capable of this?
Kenneth and Angelo were violent sociopaths Why? The Hillside Stranglers are Born Received their nick names from the media

Dropped bodies in the highland park area on a hillside in Los Angeles

Originally known as the hillside strangler, until the police discovered they were looking for two killers Blood is always thicker than water Angelo Buono
Kenneth Bianchi Team Killers Environmental factors

-an infant did not form a bond with a caregiver

-usually the mother

-unable to connect emotionally Causes-cont Genetics:
Some people are born with a gene that predisposes them to having sociopath behavior

Brain Differences:
-chair, love, happy, sky, television Causes Need for power with big ego Grandiose and self-centered Lies and uses persuasion Fred &
Rosemary West Their story: Husband and wife who as a couple tortured, raped and murdered young women Murdered between: 1973-1979 Buried bodies in, and around, the house Belle Gunness 1800’s- Sociopaths referred to as “morally insane”

1900’s- Sociopaths referred to as “psychopathic personality”

Current- Sociopaths referred to as individuals having antisocial personality disorder History What is a serial murder? "'the premeditated murder of three or more victims committed over time, in separate incidents, in a civil context, with the murder activity being chosen by the offender'" Without guilt or remorse
when mistreating others Manipulation through flirting Conduct disorder: run away or self-harm Interpersonal symptoms muted Uses sex as strategy for gain Types of Killers: Visionary: break from reality, spontaneous, random victims Comfort: material gain, planned and known victims Hedonistic: sexual gratification, planned, victims with specific characteristics Power Seeker: Domination, planned, helpless victims Disciple: Under influence of a leader, personal acceptance, victim chosen by leader Background: Important Dates: 1896- Sets store Fire and Caroline dies, insurance claimed Brynhild Paulsdatter Storset Born into a poor family 11/22/1859 At 17, was beaten by a man at a party, lost child. Possible first kill: man died of "stomach cancer" worked at a wealthy farm, in order to move to the USA In 1881 she moves to the USA, specifically Chicago area Characteristic of both Hedonistic and Power seekers 12 known murders, more suspected 1898- Sets home on fire and Alex dies, insurance claimed 1900- Sets fire again at home, 1 week later kills husband

1902- Marries Peter Gunness, 8 months later he dies 1908- House burns down with 3 children, and a headless woman The End Apprehended- January 12, 1979(KB)
October 22, 1979(AB)

November 1981- trials begin

Both men sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole
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