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Marijuana Prezi Presentation

No description

Mehran Jafari

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Marijuana Prezi Presentation

Marijuana Prezi Presentation
By: Mehran Jafari, Easton Royals, Will markow, Thomas Garfield
What is weed.
dried shreeded leaves and stems. Most marijuana is hand rolled cigarettes called joints.
Is a greenish gray mixture of
Short Term Effects
poor coordination
slow reaction time
Getting "high"
increased heart beat
red eyes
dry mouth
Magical or "random" thinking
short term memory loss

Long Term Effects
reduced resistance to common illnesses
suppression of the immune system
growth disorders
reduction of male sex hormones
reduced sexual capacity
lower ability to learn
drowsiness or lack of motivation
Effects on driving

Decreases ablilty to concentrate,
coordination, and the ability to act quickly. These effects can last up to 24 hours after smoking marijuana.
Why do people use marijuana
Can relax a person and elevate their mood

heightened sesnory awarness and feeling hungry.
"I have the Munchies."
Peer pressure, to get in the "IN" crowd
Media influence
escape personal problem

How long does stay
in system:
Researchers agree that marijuana can
detect the drug for up to 13 days. Marijuana remains in the body how often the user smokes. After you inhale marijuana smoke, its chemicals are distributed throughout the body. If you eat marijuana enters the stomach and the blood will absorb it from their.
Why is marijuana addicting
It can be addicting, In 2009, marijuana was
the primary drug of abuse for 61% of people
under 15. It is linked to a withdraw syndrome similar to that of nicotine witdraw, which can make it hard to quit.
The "Gateway" drug
A person to smoke pot is 104
times more likely to go on to other
drugs including cocaine, heroin, etc.
Fun Facts
After alcohol marijuana is most popular drug that is being used worlide
marijuana has proven as an aid to cure various diseases
More than 200 slang terms have been derived from marijuana
More than 800,000 people are arrested a year for marijuana possesion.
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