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Accelerometer-Based Racing


Philip Johnson

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Accelerometer-Based Racing

Accelerometer-Based Gaming Philip Johnson
04-14-2010 Accelerometer? "An accelerometer is a device that measures proper acceleration, the acceleration experienced relative to freefall." ­ Wikipedia Apple's iPad for Gaming Uses the accelerometer for navigation & interaction
Accurate & fast three-axis movement
HCI Implications Very high level of flow.
Extremely vivid & fast response.
iPad "becomes" the race car.
Physical resources: low
Cognitive resources: low
Affective resources: low
Ecological seeing: zero elaboration
Controlled processing quickly becomes automatic Real Racing HD Touchscreen 3D interface.
First-time users: assisted acceleration & braking ensures enjoyment the second you start racing.
Accelerometer used to turn, accelerate, and brake.
Alternative accelerate/braking using thumbs.
Tap screen areas for different views.
Information provided as HUD.
Race with friends in real-time.
iPad "becomes" the game.
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