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Operations with integers

No description

Victor Aguilar

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of Operations with integers

Operations with Integers
Subtracting Integers
The key is to remember that the minus forces the numbers to move in the opposite direction:
Multiplying Integers
Remember that multiplication is repeated addition. This works in either direction on a number line,
Dividing Integers
Adding Integers
On a number line you can think of addition of a pair of movement.
- 1 + -2 = -3
5+-4 = 1
-3 + 7 = 4
Same Signs
To add integers with the same signs, add their absolute value and then...
If both integers are positive, the result is positive:
3 + 3 = 6
If both integers are negative, the result is negative:
-3 + -3 =-6
Different Signs
To add integers with differences signs subtract their absolute values, the distance of a number from 0, and then...
If the bigger absolute values if positive the result is positive.
12 + -6
12 - 6 = 6
If the bigger absolute value is negative the
result is negative.
There are some numbers..
they are the opposite of regular numbers..
they turn math upside down..
and those numbers are....
Victor Aguilar
Jorge Ortiz and
Nashaly Ortega

Mr. Adam Myers

it to the sky!!

Let's review
Hey you!!
Im trying to watch
TV here!!
If one number is negative, subtract, if the negative number is the greatest the answer is negative and if the positive number is the greatest the answer is positive.
If they are both negative or positive add, negative numbers the answer is negative, positive numbers the answer is positive.
Let's go to lesson 2 now!
-12 + 6
-12 + 6 = -6
Integers are....
... a set of numbers with positives, negatives, and 0. It has no decimals or fractions.
Get it?
Let's go to lesson 1!
Positive numbers:

numbers greater than 0
Negative numbers:

numbers less than 0
Absolute value example:
3 - 5 = -2
5 - 2 = 3
-2 - -3 = 1
-2 - 2 = -4
Subtracting by a positive number
Subracting a positive integer follows the same rules as adding a negative number.
-7 - 8
-7 + -8 = -15
6 - 15
6 + -15 = -15
Subtracting by a negative number
You must change the two negative signs (minus sign and a negative) to a plus sign.
9 - (-2)
9 + 2 = 11
-5 - (-11)
11 - 5 = 6
2 = 4
2 = -4
Same Signs
When multiplying with same signs the product is always positive.
8 = 56
-5 = 10
Different Signs
When multiplying integers with different signs, the result is negative
12 = 36
Same Signs
When dividing integers with the same sign, the quotient is positive.
5 = 2
-35 -7 = 5
Different Signs
When dividing integers with different signs, the quotient is negative.
10 -2 = -5
Let's review
When the first number is negative and the second positive the whole problem turns negative so add.
When the first number is positive and the second is negative the whole problem turns positive so add.
When the 2 numbers are negative the first one stays the same and the second one turns positive so subtract like positive numbers.
You again, what did I tell you?!
Time for lesson 3!
Let's review
When both numbers are positive the answer is positive.
When one or both numbers are negative the answer is negative.
Now onward to lesson 4!
What is wrong
with you, you
are making me
miss this episode!

Let's review
Same rules with multiplication apply here, if both numbers are positive the answer is positive.
If one or both numbers are negative the answer is negative.
That is it, you are banned
from these apartments, you made
me miss this episode!

Any questions?
Congratulations, you made it to the sky!!
That is all, thanks for watching!
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