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CSPE Methodology YR2

No description

Fergus Mc Brearty

on 3 November 2016

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Transcript of CSPE Methodology YR2

CSPE Methodology Assignment
Fergus Mc Brearty: 15970881
Mock Election

Plan for the 8 weeks
ideas for action project.
Choose project by show of hands.
Randomly pick students who are going to run for election. (president & VP)
Pick students who will be on the candidates campaign teams.
Explain the differences between election in America and Ireland.
Week Two
Students are put into
Campaign team. (Democrats vs Republicans)
Making posters for candidates, help create answers for debate session etc.
Register of electors.
Ballot Box makers?
Designing the ballot paper.
Interview questions for debate.
Timekeeper for debate.
Tallying of votes.
Setting up a privacy screen etc
Week Three
Students continue to
in their groups.
Keep note of their role within the class.
Teacher is a facilitator in this lesson.
Week Four
Students preparation for the Action is
Debate questions finished & given to candidates.
Posters finished and placed on noticeboard in school.
Register of electors completed.
Ballot paper completed and printed off.
Ballot box finished.

Week Five
Action is carried out in class.
Week Six
Reflection and evaluation of action project.
Week Seven
Students work in pairs to help those who struggled with the homework assignment.

Teacher facilitates students needs (checks booklets are filled out correctly etc.)

Students may begin filling out booklet for submission if at the stage to do so.
Week Eight
Students complete action project booklet.
H.W= Writing up what they done in the lesson
Students hold a mock debate (10mins)

Students vote for their new president.

Votes are counted. Winners declared

H.W=Students write about their role in the class
H.W= Write up what they done in today's lesson.
Students are given a copy of the action project booklet.
Read through each section and explain what is expected of them.
Students are given a copy of writing frames as prompts for their work.
Students create a mind map within their groups/teams to ensure every one knows exactly what role they played in the project, what they learned etc.
H.W=Fill out the booklet
Possible Problems
Geographical location of my placement school!
Possible conflict over action project idea due to brainstorm in first lesson. (democracy)
Students perceptions of CSPE.
Picking students to run for presidency.
Possible Problems
Students do not enjoy their task. (ballot box)
Co-operation of woodwork teacher.
Resources within my placement school i.e (printing credit)
Groups may not work well together, difference of opinions. (co-operation)
Classroom management issues (keep students on task/Restorative Practice)
Time keeping during week 5 (time keeper)
Possible Problems
Homework not completed. (History)
Reflection skills of the students (emphasis the smallest details)(3,2,1)
Small class size (17 students)
Absenteeism (change roles)
Literacy skills of students (co-operating teacher)
Students forget coursework booklet.
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