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Praxis III

No description

Jessica Lee

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Praxis III

Praxis III
How do you plan a Praxis III course?
During the semester prior to your enrollment in Praxis III, formulate an idea of what you wish to study.

Identify the type of fieldwork or internship that most interests you.

The Praxis office is able to help you connect with potential field sites and faculty advisors.
How to register a Praxis III course?
The semester before you enroll, you need to submit a Proposal Form and identify a Faculty Advisor and a Field Supervisor.

The finalized Learning Plan is due the first week of classes for Course Confirmation.
What is Praxis III?
A Praxis III Independent Study places fieldwork at the center of a supervised learning experience.

The field work is supported by appropriate readings and regular meetings with a faculty supervisor.

Students are in the field 8 to 10 hours per week. Fieldwork comprises 75% of the coursework.
Who is involved in Praxis III?
Praxis III is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing. Students may take two Praxis III courses during their college career.

Each Praxis III student works with a faculty advisor and a field supervisor.

The Praxis III Coordinator holds monthly Reflection Meetings with the Praxis III cohort.
Proposal Form
Submit the Praxis III Proposal form by Pre-Registration the semester prior.

The Proposal form needs to be signed by your dean.

Faculty Advisor
The Faculty Advisor is responsible for the components of the Praxis III course that make it academic.

The Faculty Advisor will determine the students’ final grade.

Praxis III students meet with their Faculty Advisors for an hour biweekly at minimum.
Bryn Mawr College
Past Praxis III Courses
Large Herd Dairy Management,
Marshak Dairy
Biology Department
Femininity in the Studio Glass Movement
, Wexler Gallery
History of Art Department
Learning Plan
Learning plans are due during the first week of classes prior to Course Confirmation.

They require signatures from your Faculty Advisor and your Field Supervisor.

you give your course is what will appear on your transcript!
If your Faculty Advisor chooses to grade your course
Credit/No Credit
, it will not count against the limited number of Credit/No Credit courses that are allotted to students.
If your course will count towards your major, you need your
Major Advisor's signature
. Courses not counting for department credit will be assigned
General Studies credit
Field Supervisor
Field Supervisors orient the student to the field site, identify placement objectives, and oversee the work of the student at the site.

The Field Supervisor submits two evaluations of the students’ field work, which will be shared with the Faculty Advisor.
Fun Facts about Praxis III
The Praxis Program will reimburse you for travel costs to your field site.

Past Praxis III courses have acted as direct stepping stones for students pursuing graduate studies in art history, law, medicine, sciences, etc.

Past students have been offered full-time positions at their Praxis III field sites after graduation.
(up to $365.00 for the semester)
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