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No description

Magma Crystal

on 24 November 2015

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Transcript of Destiny

The exploration of space has been advancing through the years.Humans have been able to explore inhabit the planets Venus,Mars,Mercury,The Moon and a small asteroid field called the Reef.This was all because of a large planet called "The Tower".The Tower gave humanity a boost in engineering and civilization,in other words it gave life the next generation of living and a life style.After a few years a strange presence has arrived called the "Darkness".The Darkness has changed many things to humanity such as losing the planets Venus,Mars,Mercury,The Moon and a large portion of Earth.
The Fallen are the first enemy you battle in Destiny and are very easy to defeat. They usually spread and flank in a group. They consist of Dregs,Vandals,Servitors,Shanks and Captains.
There are many weapons in Destiny.
There are also many types of weapons such as a Scout Rifle,Auto Rifle,Fusion Rifle,Pulse Rifle,Machine Gun,Rocket Launcher/Grenade Launcher,Hand Cannon,Shotgun,Sidearm and a Sniper Rifle. Some Weapons can be classed as how good they are.The Ratings are Common,Rare,Ultra Rare,Legendary and Exotic.
The Cabal are not only the last enemies you battle but the most difficult enemies.They are very similar to the Vex as they come in Swarms.They consist of Psions,Legionary,Phalanx,Centurians,Collossus and Praetorians (which is a Vex class as well).
The Hive are the second enemies you fight in the game.Their army consists of Thralls,Acolytes,Knights, Wizards and Ogres.They are probably the most swarm like enemies as they do come in hordes of Thralls.
Vex are one of the most difficult enemies in the game as they all stay in a group and use that to their advantage.Their faction contains Goblins, Hobgoblins,Minotaurs,Harpies Cyclops,Hydras,Oracles and Praetorians.
The Taken King is a add-on to the game Destiny which is the most awaited DLC of its franchise.The whole scenario is that Oryx the father of Crota is angry over the death of his son,with that he smells the blood of son and the Taken King (Oryx) comes for us all.While playing the Taken King you come across the "Taken" which is a corrupt version of all the normal enemies in the game such as a Taken Psion.You will also obtain exotic weapons that will help you throughout the game.As well as discovering the ship called The Dreadnaught,which is Oryx's ship that is a giant rectangular object.
Oryx The Taken King
Oryx is one of the hardist bosses in Destiny. He is easy when you first meet him. BUT when you meet him in the raid he looks like this.
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