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Erdkunde, Herr Schulz

No description

Anne Oelerich

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Erdkunde, Herr Schulz

? today we want to tell
you something about:
The Mojave Desert
Death Valley
Las Vegas
Sierra Nevada
35.000 square miles Mojave Desert formed by climatic and tectonic changes, like volcanic activities the desert basin is surrounded by mountains
ranges and contains series of parallel, northward-draining trough-like valleys its elevations reach 86m below sea level at Bad Water, Death Valley UP ... up to 3366m Telescope Peak the Mojave Desert has a very HIGH temperature amplitude - 55°C in cold winter nights and 40°C on a hot summer day! in the Death Valley, which is the LOWEST point in the USA, the world wide HIGHEST temperature was measured: RAINSHADOW of the Coast Ranges precipitation of
150mm / y Most rain falls in April and November but there are summer rainstorms from July to September possible the driest month are May and June humidity is below 40% ! Mojave River and drainage systems ! strong seasonal winds occur
in late winter and spring in spring even
Dust Devils
can form vegetation is rather sparse 200 endemic plant species
only found in the Mojave most famous the Joshua Tree soil consists of volcanic rock sand and gravel basins give way to salt flats "ghost town" like Calica formed after the Goldrush of 1850s before those settlers American Indian Peoples lived in the desert. Shoshone, Mohave and Paiute Las Vegas founded as a railroad city in 1905 15% of the inhabitants are immigrants the climate of Las Vegas is highly arid 13 billion $ of profit a year from gambling industry resulting problem and most pressing concern: water shortage about 1.31 million people live in the urban area alone (2008) one of the fastest growing settlements in the USA
average annual growth 2% 650 km
south highest mountain: Mount Whitney (4421m) consists of metamorphic rock steep valleys due to glacial erosion climate conditions vary according to altitude and longitude causes relief rainfall owing to its height entertainment sector is eonomically the strongest gambling became legal in the state of Nevada in 1931 Thanks for your attention! Nora & Anne
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