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Anna Baucomhitch

on 7 November 2013

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This is a video of a man who strongly believes in the moon landings and disproves evidence against them using logic. (warning: this man sometimes uses strong language to express his feelings.)
The evidence supporting the idea that the moon landings were real are irrefutable. It honestly would not make any sense to lie about something such as this.
The Waving Flag?
"The theory that the moon landings were hoaxed by the US government to assert their victory in the space race over Russia, is something which has grown in popularity over time." -http://listverse.com/2012/12/28/10-reasons-the-moon-landings-could-be-a-hoax/
The moon has no atmosphere, therefore there cannot be any wind on the moon to cause the flag, in the picture, to wave as if there were wind. However NASA claimed that the rippling effect did not come from any wind, it came from the flag being unfurled from a small tube. Also from the force of the astronauts when they adjusted the aluminum pole, and because there is no atmosphere that is why the flag continues to ripple. In the video they demonstrate the difference between the two. This can only make sense because of Newtons laws of motion, the flag continues moving due to inertia and an outside force acting upon the flag caused it to move in the first place. The flag would have a different looking effect if there were any wind on the moon. The myth busters show us what the difference is.
Some will say the moon landing is a hoax because the ship has no impact crater. "On any video footage or photograph of the landings, no crater is visible, almost as though the module was simply placed there." So, this moon landing was a hoax? False, those who said that the flag was evidence of the hoax probably also believed this. If the moon has no atmosphere, then how could there be wind to blow out some sort of crater, there was no wind, therefore there was no crater formation. Also when landing on the moon the gravitational acceleration is at an extreme difference to that of Earth's. The ship's landing was softer thus creating no crater. "The surface of the moon itself is solid rock, so a blast crater probably would not be feasible anyway – in the same way that an aeroplane does not leave a crater when it touches down on a concrete airstrip." That means in order to make an impact creator the force of the impact would have to be much greater than that of the ship the astronauts landed in, and of course they wanted to have a soft landing so that they would not break any equipment. When a helicopter lands does it leave an impact crater? No, no it does not. One would have to be quite the fool to believe such silly lies.
The Photographic Evidence
Anyone can believe all they want that the moon landings were hoax but their opinions will not change what really happened. When we landed, we placed an american flag on the moon, we left foot prints and wheel tracks. As seen in the image, this is photographic evidence. To still say they were faked is to ignore all the supporting evidence.
Google Earth has it's own satellite image that states where the flag is and the shadow of the flag.
This Video was found on youtube and uses math concepts to prove that the moon landings were a real occurrence. Watching the part of the video where it is speeding up to Earth's gravitational acceleration, the movement of the astronauts become unnatural, even when on Earth it would be hard to duplicate those actions at that speed, the gravity on the moon would effect everything there, not just the objects they were throwing around. It only makes sense that they are on the moon with a smaller gravitational acceleration.
This website gives the conversations of the astronauts. If one were to make this moon landing footage on earth it would take a very long time to plan and film each second of it. We can not forget the fact that the astronauts were in zero gravity before even landing on the moon, how does one film so many hours of that on earth when we have gravity. The only logical answer is that the moon landings were real.
If this were staged then why is the reflection on the helmet not that of the director?
When my mother was a little girl she got to watch the moon landing on live television, many people watched this amazing event live. But it was something she will never forget, a moment with her mother and grandmother that she will get to cherish for the rest of her life. Any one can have their own opinions on whether or not this actually happened, that's great for them, but my own opinion is the one that matters and I truthfully believe that man stepped foot on the moon and nothing any one ever says is going to change that.
And then River stole the tardis and went to the moon.
I might have a small addiction...
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