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Food In The Han Dynasty

No description

Sophia Shields

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of Food In The Han Dynasty

Food In The Han Dynasty
-They didn't eat a lot
-Grow their own crops
-Boiled Rice
-Fish and hunt for their own animals
Food For Slaves
-They ate very little meat
-Very little vegetables
-Lots of rice
-Noodles made from wheat

Food For Merchants
Food For The Peasants
-Like the emperor nobles ate very good food.
-They ate lots of meat and fish.
-They had many fruits and vegetables.
-They ate a lot of rice.
Food For The Nobles
-Between 20-30 different dishes were severed to the emperor each meal to pick and choose from.
-He would eat high quality meat and vegetables(no beef).
-He would eat the finest food sent from different regions.
-He ate two meals a day.
-He usually ate alone.
Food For The Emperor
Food In The North
-The staple food was rice because it was easy to grow
-Beans were also one of the staple food
-People from all classes caught fish
-The lower class would eat lots of rice, beans, vegetables, and some fish.
-The higher class would also eat these foods, but they would flavor their food with different spices
-For all classes they always steamed or stewed their food
-People in the higher classes mostly used chile peppers for flavoring
Food In The South
Thank You
-In the North the staple food was millet that was ground up into a wheat.
-The lower classes in the North usually ate noodles pancakes and dumplings made from wheat.
-Higher class people in the North ate these foods but with meat. The lower class couldn't usually afford meat.
-They boiled the millet to make it into a porridge.
-Sweet and Sour sauce was a favorite.
-The common foods were boiled noodles, baked bread and soybeans.
Test Your Understanding
Place the object on the right place in the pyramid.
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