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Canada's Goverment

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preston nauman

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Canada's Goverment

Canada's Government
Municipal Government
providential government
providences of canada

The political party that has the largest number of Members of Provincial Parliament or {MPPs} forms the government, its leader becomes premier. the primer is head of the government in ontario.
In 1867 the "Constitution Act" was passed and limited the power of legislatures they each have different jurisdiction in 16 areas.
Provincial and territorial governments are responsible for many important government-regulated activities, including education and the way our municipalities function
Federal Government
The municipal government is the government that deals with:Buses/Transportation, Fire Protection, and local police protection

5 multiple choice
2.What type of Government is canada?
D.All of the above
what is the system that elects new goverment oficels
5.What is the leader of canada called
A.Prime Minister
1.What word(s) means to assign a role to someone
B.Prime Minister
D.House of Commons
Canadian police men on horseback
The legislative assembally makes the laws. In ontario the elected representatives are called members of provincal parliment.
The canadian municipal government is lead by a mayor and council members that are elected by canadian citizens.
Ottawa's,Canada's capitol, current mayor
Ottawa's capitol building.
Munipilities employ a large amount of fire safty, police, sewer and road officials to take care of it. They establish commities to protect the municipility in each of these ways.
The prime minister is
the head of the federal government.
Canada is a constitutional monarchy which means executives are vested through a queen. The canadian government is Bicameral which means there are two parts of the legislature . The house of commons which has two parts the lower house and upper house and the senate.
The prime minister appionts the senate
Prime minister of canada

Someone who holds the head of a country in the United Kingdom.
By law of the queen of Britain the canadian constitution has to be similar to Great Britain's.
Canada is broken up into areas or provinces. each of thes provinces have there own say so in town ship government providential goverment and even federal government

The highest legislature

consistency of sovereign the house of lords and the house of commons.
legislative <
Relating to a legislature or composed

Canadas government is a lot like America's in how it controls its border. It has border police and you have to have certain qualifications to get in. They even help them if they are moving into canada. Instead of voting for the prime minister directly they vote for a member of parlment. The party with the most major political votes leader is the prime minister. There are four major:The Liberals, the Conservatives, the New Democratic Party, and the Bloc Quebecois
of legislature.
appoint <
Assign a job or role to(someone)
Provincal <
holt world geography textbook
3.Municipal Government is in charge of ...
Democracy <
Provincial < of or concerning
a province of a country or empires.

Honse of commons < is a lower house of parliament
The queen of britian
The four major political parties
Senate < any of various legislative or governing bodies in particular.

Provincial government < concerning the regions outside a capitol city.
The Province of Ontario defines the structure, finances, and management of the local governments of cities, towns and villages.
Is a type of government were everyone has a say.
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