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Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton

No description

Katie McAvaddy

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Thomas Jefferson vs Alexander Hamilton

What is the ideal economy?
Thomas Jefferson said that the country depends on farmers. He thought that farmers would make the country thrive. On the other hand Alexander Hamilton said that Businesses and factories is what will make the country thrive not farming.
What is your view of human nature?
Thomas Jefferson said I have faith in the goodness of the common man and believe they can make choices about government. Alexander Hamilton said I believe that most people are basically selfish and therefore you can not give the common man to much power.
Who should lead our country?
Alexander Hamilton said only those who are well educated and wealthy can be in a place of government. Thomas Jefferson said that the common man can be in a position of government.
Should the USA ally with Great Britain or France
Alexander Hamilton said we should obviously side with Great Britain because they have great business men and if we work hard we can be like them. Thomas Jefferson said that we owe France because we owe them for helping us in the Revaluation.
Thomas Jefferson v.s. Alexander Hamilton
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