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No description

connie lee

on 17 March 2017

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Introduction Slide
My names Congha Ly, and the career I chose was being a novelist or screenwriter. I chose this career because books and writing are the building blocks to life.

Education/training requirements
-High school diploma/GED or bachelor's degree.
-Verbal communication is needed, like understanding what’s written down or communication by writing.
-I need to be able to come up with lots of new and creative ideas.
-I need an education in English, journalism, and communication.

Daily Responsibilities
-Choose genre that interests readers (fiction).
-Research information and details.
-Work with editors and clients to get feedback.
-Create stories and come up with characters.

Outlook on career
-Job opportunities are not likely in the future (DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY).
-Not that easy to become successful but easy at the same time, you -just need a certain level diploma.

Pay and Benefit Information
-60,252$ per year (Below Average).

Working conditions
-I have work with editors and clients but it’s mostly an independent job, which is good for me.
-It’s usually indoors in an office.
-Might use Google Drive and OpenOffice for office suite software.
-Might use Autocrit editing wizard and microsoft word for word processing.
-Might use Blogger or Red Sweater MarsEdit for creation and editing.

Personal Opinion on career field
I personally believe this job fits me because i’m more of an independent person, I can’t stand when I have to work with partners.. I love brainstorming my own ideas and I would call myself a pretty decent writer. I love making and writing stories that makes everyone interested. I have pretty good grammar and a selective choice in my vocabulary.

Will I pursue this career?
If I do or don’t reach success in this career doesn’t really matter to me. I believe I will get far in this career, as long as I plant this positive seed in my head it’s destined to sprout, just like planting an apple tree.

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