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Year 7: Skellig

No description

Joe Hull

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of Year 7: Skellig

This piece of work was peer assessed by....
Year 7: Skellig
Lesson One: An introduction to Skellig
LI: To infer or interpret information

Lesson Two: The opening few paragraphs
LI: To use close reading to investigate the text

The story concludes
The book we will be reading is called
Has anyone read the book already?
What do you think this word means?
What do you think the book is about?
Write a few sentences in your book guessing what the story is about.

Skell refers to a person who is homeless, vagrant or derelict. It is often used to suggest such a person who is habitually engaged in small-time criminal activity, especially by one working as a con artist or panhandler.



The 17th century British slang word skelder, a noun and verb which referred to a professional beggar - especially one who falsely pretended to be a wounded former soldier to gain sympathy.



The Dutch schelm, a word meaning a villain or rogue.



The Latin scelus, meaning a wicked deed or wickedness.




Skellig Michael is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, 11.6 km west of the Iveragh Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. A Christian monastery was founded on the island at some point between the 6th and 8th century, and was continuously occupied until the island and the monastery were abandoned in the late 12th century.


It is a place where, legend has it, a man once lived alone on a tiny ledge 700 feet above the sea in an attempt to live as close to God as possible.



What do you think the story is about now?

Write a few sentences about what you thnk the book is about now.
How do ideas change as we obtain more information?
How do characters and the plot change as more is revealed?
Read the first paragraph
Use the paper to write down the questions that have popped into your head.
You should have something along these lines.....
I (Who?) found him (Who?) in the garage on a Sunday afternoon. It was the day after we moved (why have they moved?) into Falconer Road. The winter was ending. Mum had said we`d be moving just in time for spring. Nobody else was there. Just me. The others were inside the house with Doctor Death (Who is he? Why is he called this?), worrying about the baby.(Why are they worrying about the baby?)
Why does writer only tell you, the reader, part of the information?
Lesson 3: The opening chapter
LI: To select information from text
Plot: Name the previous occupier of the house.

Character: Do you think Michael is enthusiastic about his new house? Why?

Effect on reader: Why do you think the author spend so much time telling us about Ernie Myers?
Read Chapter One
Are any of the question you asked about the first two paragraphs in last lesson answered?
Chapter 2
Why do you think the author has provided such a detailed description of garage?
Pick four adjectives (describing words) used by the author. Write them in your book, with an explanation of the effect they have on the reader.
Filthy - gives the image of really dirty, makes you think that it is unclean and touching it would be a really bad idea.
Due Tuesday 11th November 2014

Write a detailed description of a place you know well using appropriate adjectives.
Lesson Four: PEE in Skellig
LI: To select information from text
Draw a mindmap for Dr Death. Why do you think Michael calls him Dr Death?
Read Chapter 3
How is Doctor Death described? Use PEE in your answer.
Doctor Death is described as a ................ man.
I know this because it says........
This shows that Dr Death is........because...........The effect on the reader is............
Having read Chapter Three
How would you react if you were in Michael`s situation?

Why don`t you think Michael tells his dad?

What does this suggest about their relationship?

Lesson 5: Symbolism in the novel
LI: To select information from text
Read Chapters 4,5 and 6
Bird spotter's badge
Birds appear throughout novel.

Read back through book to note appearances in Bird spotter`s Journal. Make a note of the page references and if a positive or negative effect is intended on the reader.
Now you try with paragraph 2.
Read Chapter 2
Inferring and interpreting information
LI: To infer and interpret information
Read Chapter 7
Answer this question using PEE:

Did the old man found in the garage know Ernie Myers?
Swap your books. Did your learning partner answer the question, making a
, offering
and an
Read Chapter 8, pg 20
Read Chapter 9
Choose five words that describe Mina.
Why have you chosen these five words?
What impression does the writer create by describing Mina in the way she is described?
Due in Tuesday 18th Nov 2014
Write a paragraph to describe the qualities need to be a perfect friend.

There must be at least five qualities put forward.
Is Dr Death how we imagined him? Who calls him this? What does this tell us about how Michael thinks about the doctor?
What is symbolism?
Two minutes silence
Think about the millions of soldiers and civilians who have suffered. Think also of the young men and women returning home with serious injuries and having to adapt to a new way of life.
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.
attributing meaning or significance to objects, events, or relationships.
Lesson 7:Chapter 10, feeding the creature
LI: To understand and interpret information from a text

If you hadn't eaten for days what food would you ask for? Imagine you haven't eaten all week. Write a paragraph about the experience of eating your favourite meal.
How does it smell?
How do you feel?
What does it look like?
How is it served?
Describe the feeling of eating it
The power of dreams
What are dreams?
Dreams mainly occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep—when brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake.


REM sleep is revealed by continuous movements of the eyes during sleep. At times, dreams may occur during other stages of sleep


Dreams can last for a few seconds, or as long as 20 minutes.
People are more likely to remember the dream if they are awakened during the REM phase.
The average person has three to five dreams per night.
The dreams tend to last longer as the night progresses.
During a full eight-hour night sleep, two hours of it is spent dreaming.


Many Aboriginal Australians also refer to the time of the creation of the world as "The Dreaming".
The Dreamtime laid down the patterns of life for the Aboriginal people


Your task
Imagine it's
short hair at sides, longer on top
roll neck jumper as described
thick eyebrows
clean shaven face
aged 18-25
There is a really good description of the man on pages 26-27
Lesson 8: Meeting Michael's family
LI: To understand empathy
Think about what empathy is. What do you understand by "empathy"?
a capacity to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another
experience of understanding another person's condition from their perspective. You place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.
Read Chapter Eleven
Read Chapter Twelve
Answer in sentences, using a pen in your books. Use PEE.
1. Is Michael's mum upset?
2. Does Michael`s dad try to comfort her and why?
3. Does Michael get enough attention and support from his parents?
How do you think Michael feels?
Read Chapter Thirteen (pg 38)
Watch this..
Write down in a list as many words as you can to describe what you saw. Such as cute, feeding.
Write down next to these words anything you associate to these words from the book.
Cute - Michael's baby sister
Symbolism within the novel
LI: To recognise the use of symbolism
Look at these birds. What do they symbolise in your mind?
Read Chapter 14
Why doesn't Michael go to school?

Describe Michael's relationship with his Dad.

Effect on reader:
What are the differences between the baby and the old man as they struggle to survive?
Lesson 9: An angel or not?
LI: To deduce information from a text
Discuss your five words with the other people on your table
Write down the first five words that you think of when you think of an angel.
Choose the three most appropriate words on your table
Read Chapter 15 (pg 47)
The old man is secretly an angel. Does the class agree or disagree?
You must rely on information
from the book alone
In your group, you have to prepare your argument to support your case
Make your case!
Having heard the debate, choose the strongest three reasons why you think Skellig is or is not an angel.

Develop these reasons as fully as you can to make a persuasive piece of writing to convince your reader to agree with you.
Lesson 10: Painful joints
LI: To respond to a character in the text with empathy
Just for fun, work out these names in anagrams (hint: they are all associated with the book)
Add Mavin Old
David Almond
Ache Mil
Enemy Riser
Ernie Myers
Man I
William Blake (1757 – 1827)
Lived in London
Poet and painter
Largely unrecognised during his lifetime, but voted 38 in BBC's 100 Greatest Britons in 2002
Claimed to see angels and visions of angels
Pity by William Blake 1795
Christ in the Sepulchre, Guarded by Angels, 1808
The Good and Evil Angels, 1805
What is arthritis?
Arthritis is a form of joint disorder that involves inflammation of one or more joints, causing severe joint pain
The pain from arthritis is due to inflammation that occurs around the joint and damage to the joint from disease and the daily wear and tear of joint.
Read Chapter 19 and 20 (pg 67)
Why has the old man given up?
In your opinion is Skellig meant to be an angel?

Use PEE to answer
Due Tuesday 26th November 2013
Mr Hull's Friday Quiz
Which High Street retailer are using these animals on their Christmas advert?
A leak at American computer software Adobe has revealed what is the most popular computer password in the world?
a. password 2. 123456 3. iloveyou
Where did the Winter Olympic torch travel to this week?
a. space b. Scotland c. Buckingham Palace
Name the celebrities
The word “angel” is linked to ancient Greek words meaning “to be a messenger”.

Angels were seen as a link between God and Man in the Bible.

Various religions imagined that there were nine different types of angels and some looked very different from how we may imagine angels to look.

Cherubim, a type of angel, have four faces: one of each a man, an ox, a lion, and an eagle.

They have four conjoined wings covered with eyes, a lion's body figure, and they have ox's feet.

Seraphim are the highest angelic class and serve as the caretakers of God`s throne.

The Seraphim have six wings: "with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew".

The Ophanim are unusual looking, even compared to the other celestial beings.

They appear as a beryl-coloured wheel-within-a-wheel, their rims covered with hundreds of eyes.

Lesson 11: A Nightmare
LI: To select information from a text
Think about your nightmare situation. Be ready to tell the class about it.
Read Chapter 21 (page 76)
Read Chapter 22 (page 78)
Michael's nightmare
Why do we think the situation described on page 78 is a nightmare?
Draw a picture of Michael's nightmare and
Dr Death
Table A:
Prepare a short piece of work on why Michael sees the doctors as such a threat.
Table B:
Prepare a short piece of work on why does Skellig finally tell Michael and Mina that his name is Skellig?
Due in Tuesday 9th December 2014
The character Mina is schooled at home. She does not attend a school.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of being educated at home?

Think of five benefits and five drawbacks and produce a report stating which you would prefer and why. You can use arguments you have heard in class.

Remember to answer sentences.
support with reference to text
your opinion - I really think
rhetorical question - if he is an angel how can he possibly.....
rule of three
simile, as miserable as....
metaphor - he is a....
You are the old man in the garage. Write a diary entry for this point in the story.

You have met Michael. You have met Mina. What do you think of them?

What are your hopes for the future? Do you want anything, or are you happy with a constant supply of "27 and 53".

Think about your language and how he would write.

What will you include?
Due in Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014
Schooled at home
LI: To understand information from a text
Name these celebrity couples. What do they have in common?
Will Smith and Jade Pinkett
Brad Pitt and
Angelina Jolie
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise
Each couple has chosen to school their children at home.
Read Chapter Twenty-Three (page 83)
What is Mina's attitude towards mainstream school?
Write a PEE answer to this question.
Table A:
Think of the four best reasons you can for attending state education.
Table B:
Think of the four best reasons you can for a home education.
Some facts about education
Every child in the UK has a right to a free place at school.
Parents are legally responsible for ensuring that their children are educated.
In 2007, it was found that approx 92% attended state education and less than 1% were home schooled.
Children who are schooled at home are not subject to the National Curriculum or any timetable.
Education is compulsory. Attending school is not.
Which type of schooling would you choose?
Which one did you choose?
LI: To select information from text
Read Chapter 24 (pg 87)
Plot: Why is Dad crying?

Character: Using one word, describe the woman in the hospital who hobbles away singing "Lord of the Dance."

Effect on reader: How does the woman emphasise that she is really tired?
Read Chapter 25 (pg 91)
In the beginning of the chapter...
When they look for Skelling...
Eventually they discover him exhausted...
It is a promising sign that Skellig...
Skellig wishes to move up "higher"...
Once they have given Skellig some food...
Michael and Mina are amazed to discover...

Broken sentences
Match the
first half of sentence
with the
second half of the sentence.
...lying halfway up the first floor staircase.
...that their new friend has the wings of an angel.
...they are unable to find their mysterious friend.
...so Michael and Mina help their friend up the stairs.
...Mina removes his jacket to make him comfortable.
...Michael and Mina enter the old building.
...was able to move without help from anyone.
In the beginning of the chapter Michael and Mina enter the old building.

When they look for Skelling Michael and Mina enter the old building.

Eventually they discover him exhausted lying halfway up the first floor staircase.

It is a promising sign that Skellig was able to move without help from anyone.

Skellig wishes to move up "higher" so Michael and Mina help their friend up the stairs.

Once they have given Skellig some food Mina removes his jacket to make him comfortable.

Michael and Mina are amazed to discover that their new friend has the wings of an angel.
Skellig is fragile and in ill health. Who else could this describe?
Write your answer in a PEE format.
A falling out
LI: To select information from the text
Quiz: What food does Skellig ask for?

What drink does Skellig like?

Which UK city is Skellig set in?
Chinese, 27 and 53. Spring rolls and pork char sui
Brown ale
Read Chapter Twenty-Six (p 93)
Read Chapter Twenty-Eight (p 98)
Answer the following questions, in sentences.
Do you think Michael and Mina will make friends again? Why?

What would be the effect on the story if they did not?

What would be the effect on Skellig if they did not?

How would Michael feel?
The story develops
LI: To retrieve information from a text and understand it
Who am I?

1. I am Mina's black cat

2. I am Michael's family doctor

3. I am Michael's family friend who works as a dinner lady
Dr Dan / Dr Death
Mrs Dando
Read Chapter Thirty (pg 104)
Read up to end of Chapter Thirty-five
1) On page 104 Michael dreams about Skellig and the baby fly? What do you think this means?
2) On pages 108-109 – Skellig moves higher up the house – why do you think he does this?
3) Why do you think that the owls are feeding Skellig (page 109)?
Share your ideas.
William Blake is mentioned again in Chapter 34.

Has anyone changed their opinion about angels or Skellig being one?
Why do you think the author has chosen for the characters to fall out? What is the effect on the reader?
Taking flight
LI: To explore the craft of the writer
Watch this
Think of 5 words that describe what you've seen.
What can the act of leaving the nest symbolise?
Read Chapter 36 (p. 131)
Read Chapter 37 (p. 133)
Why does the writer choose to focus on fledglings and how do they connect with what is happening in the novel?
In your tables, discuss....
Compare the chicks to either Skellig or the baby (or both). What is the effect on the reader?
Read Chapter 38 (p. 137)
Skellig has left.

Michael is left experiencing nothing but blackness.
How do you, as the reader, feel?
Christmas Homework
Predict what will happen in the rest of the book.

You may want to think about Michael , Skellig, Mina, the garage and the baby.
Due Tuesday 7th Jan 2014
4) What happens on page 111? What is the effect of this on you as a reader?
5) On page 115 the doctor says of Ernie Myers – “He did speak of certain images that came to him. But so do many of my people.” What could he have seen?
6) On page 124, Mina tells Michael that Skellig says he’s going away soon. Where do you think he’s going?
The creation of tension
LI: To interpret information in a text
Read Chapter Thirty-Nine (p. 141)
Read Chapter Forty (p. 144)
How does an author create tension?
varies sentence
exciting verbs
variety of paragraph length
incomplete information
Chapter Forty ends with Dad saying, 'It's over son.' I think he means......
Finish the sentence
Read Chapter Forty-One (p. 148)
What was Michael's Mum's dream about?

Do you think it was a dream or reality?
What is the difference between dreams and reality? How many meanings can you think of for a dream?
silent pause
information about what might happen
Starting to get better?
LI: To infer ideas from text
Read Chapter Forty-Two (p. 154)
What does Mina call Whisper?
Does Mina really dislike Whisper?
Why are Michael and Mina so happy?
Read Chapter Forty-Three (p. 159)
Why does Michael feel so brilliant at school?
Describe a time that you felt brilliant at school. What happened? How did you feel? Use similes and metaphors to improve your account.
Read Chapter Forty-Four (p. 161)
What is the atmosphere like between Michael and his Dad?
How can you tell?
Discuss these questions in your groups. Prepare a group answer for each question.
1 What do you think Skellig did to make the baby better?
2 Why does this seem to make Skellig better?
3 Why do you think that Skellig has to go away?
4 Now Skellig has left, how do you (as the reader) feel, compared with how you felt when he left a few chapters ago?

You are Michael or your are Mina. You decide.

Write a poem, ballad, song or rap describing your feelings now Skellig has left and the baby seems to be getting better.
Due in Friday 17th January 2014
Write some of these feelings in your book.
Doctor Death's name is repeated four times in the opening seven lines. What effect does this have on the reader?
Why do you think the writer has combined Michael thinking the baby has died with the disapperance of Skellig?
A pomegranate
How do you feel, as the reader, after this chapter?
What is a pomegranate?
Due in Tuesday 20th Jan. 2015
Imagine you are Skellig.

Before leaving, you write a letter and leave it in the attic for Michael and Mina to read, What will you say?
Write a letter to Michael and Mina from Skellig
LI: To interpret events and ideas
Read Chapter Forty-Five
(p. 164)
Find an adjective used to describe the garage. Why did David Almond chose this word?
In lesson 3 we wondered why the garage was described in such detail – now the demolition of the garage is equally detailed. Why?
What could the garage signify?
Read Chapter Forty-Six (p. 167)
Take three minutes to discuss as a table; was the ending what you expected? Why?
Your task is to discuss as a table, come to an agreement and then present your findings to the class.
You all must present a part of your presentation and then answer questions from class.
Table A:
Was Skellig an angel?

Table B:
Why was Skellig in the shed?

Table C:
Could a character believe in angels without having a religious faith?

Table D:
What was wrong with Skellig and why did he get better?

Table E:
Why are birds and bird imagery used so often in the novel?

Table F:
Do you think the fate of Skellig and Joy were connected? Why?
Define Skellig: What is it?

Write your answer in sentences.
Make a list of the similarities and differences between the pigeons and the man in the garage
Similarities Differences
Pigeons have died; man is alive
Covered in dust and cobwebs
Choose the similarity you think is strongest between the man and the birds for a PEE paragraph.
The man in the garage is similar to the dead pigeons.
An example of this is .........
The effect of this is ......
I think the author did this because .......
Chapter 4, pg 9
What two noises can Michael hear as he lays in bed?
How is Mum's voice towards the baby described?
Effect on the reader:
What simile is used to describe when the baby was in hospital? Why does the author chose this?
Chapter 5, pg 11
Where does Michael go to school?
Effect on reader:
How can we tell that Michael doesn't want to take the old toilet out and scrub the floorboards?
Name Michael's school friends.
Chapter 6, pg 14
What type of bird are found and how many are found?
Effect on reader:
How long are the sentences on page 16? What is the effect?
Describe the relationship Michael has with his father.
What did you notice about the discovery of the pigeons in the chimney?
Peer assessment
Things to consider:
Have they made a clear point?
Have they used a quote?
Have they used evidence from the text?
Have they used a connective well?
Have they explained it clearly?
Have they considered the effect on the reader?
Chapter 7 (pg 17)
Plot: What is the girl's name?
Character: Describe the attitude of the man in the garage. How does he behave towards Michael?
Effect on reader: The girl runs away. What do you think of her?
Plot: What type of food do the family eat?

Character: What name does Michael call his Dad?

Effect on reader: How do you think Michael feels about his Dad's comment towards the baby - "specially for you, little chick'?
Plot: What does Mina keep in her book?

Character: What is the name of Michael's sister?

Effect on reader: What animal does Mina appear like at the start?
Chapter Nine (pg 20)
Chapter Eight (pg 20)
Read Chapter Ten (pg 25)
What two things does Michael take to the old man in the garage?

What condition does the old man say he suffers from?

Effect on reader
: What metaphor does the old man use to describe his meal? What does this tell you about his view of the meal?
Chapter Eleven (pg 31)
Plot: What can't Dad find?
Plot: Why can't Dad find this household item?
Effect on reader: How do we know the old man on the bus isn't listening to Michael?
Read Chapter Twelve (pg 35)
Michael's sister isn't recovering. What does Mum blame for this?
How do we know that Michael's sister isn't recovering?
Effect on reader:
There are several references to people with wings. What are these called? Why has the author introduced this idea?
Plot:Where does Mina take Michael?

Character: What does Mina showing Michael this secret place tell you about their friendship?

Effect on reader: Look at the sentence length on page 40. What do you notice? What is the effect of this?
Which school does Mina go to?

What is Michael's views of his sister's condition? Has this changed from the start of Chapter 13?

Effect on reader:
What word does Mina repeat to show she is impressed with Michael's owl noise?
Read Chapter 16 (pg 51)
What drink old man ask for?

How does the old man describe Ernie Myers? Do you think he liked him?

Effect on reader:
Who do you think is answering Michael's hooting?
Mina is like an owl. She is associated with
dreams and night from the
very first pages of the

She is wise and intelligent and sees everything that goes on.
Due Tues 25/11/14
Which bird are you like and why?
Choose one other person you know (famous or not) and tell me which bird they are like.
Mr Hull is like an eagle.
He is the strongest and most powerful teacher at the school. Like an eagle, nobody messes with him.
He moves with a great deal of grace and elegance. He sees everything that is going on.
He is very protective of his students and takes great care of them, just like an eagle cares for its chicks.
Read Chapter Seventeen (pg 56)
Plot: Describe the bird's bone shown to Michael by Mina

Character: Who is the poet whose poems Mina is reading?

Effect on reader: Mina doesn't go to school. Do you think she is clever? Give reasons for your answer.
Read Chapter Eighteen (pg 61)
Plot: What condition are the people on Ward 34 suffering from?

Character: Describe Doctor MacNabola in one word. Why did you choose this word?

Effect on reader: How is Mum feeling? How do you know?
Plot: What does Michael show Mina?

Character: What does this show about Michael's opinion of Mina?

Prediction: Where will Mina suggest they take the old man?
A diary entry from the old man
Plot: What do Michael and Mina plan to do?

Character: What word does Mina use to describe the old man? Do you agree?

Effect on reader: How does Mina show that she wants to take the old man out with Michael and not alone?
Plot: How does Mina seek to comfort Skellig?

Character: How do we know that Michael is concerned about about the baby?

Effect on reader: The oldman tells Michael and Mina his name. What does this tell you about their relationship?
Plot: Why does Skellig move rooms in the house?

Character: Is the fact that Skellig is crying an indication of strength or weakness?

Effect on reader: What does Michael mean by "Making sure the world's still really there"?
Read Chapter Twenty-Seven (p 95)
What disturbs the "extraordinary" moment between Mina and Michael?

Why are Leakey and Coot sniggering and giggling?

Effect on reader:
Mina is described as having dark eyes. What do we associate with dark eyes? Why has David Almond described her like this?
Why do Coot and Leakey think something is wrong with Michael?

How do you imagine Michael feels?

Effect on reader:
How do we know that Leakey and Coot have been talking about Michael?
What does Michael's Dad say about Creaky and Loot coming round?

Describe Creaky and Loot's attitude towards Mina.

Effect on reader:
Do you agree with Creaky and Loot about school? Do you think David Almond does?
Read Chapter Twenty-Nine (p 102)
: Why does Michael have to squeeze his eyes to stop himself crying?

Who do you have sympathy for? Michael, Mina or Creaky and Loot?
What do the chicks, the baby and Skellig have in common?
Read the last sentence:
"And then Dad's car came with its blaring engine and its glaring lights, and the fear just increased and increased and increased."
What language devices can you see?
What are their effects?
Why does Michael's Dad behave the way he does?
I would describe the chicks leaving the nest as:
You must have a captain, a writer, and a timer.
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