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What is a FANFARE?

No description

Carol Hutton

on 11 December 2018

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Transcript of What is a FANFARE?

In History?
FANFARES can introduce a character...
What is a FANFARE?
A FANFARE is a piece of music whose purpose is to introduce or announce someone or something important.
In Everyday Life
Where might FANFARES have been used in history?
Turn and discuss with your neighbor.
They are typically performed by Brass and Percussion instruments.
Why do you think Fanfares use Brass and Percussion instruments rather than Strings or Woodwinds?
To announce royalty - Kings and Queens
Where would you find fanfares in your everyday life?
A FANFARE can introduce a group of characters
A FANFARE can introduce a "thing"
To introduce the president
Fanfare for the Common Man
by: Aaron Copeland
The Olympics
Listen to the example. When you hear the fanfare (which is hidden in the music) raise your hand.
Do you recognize this character's fanfare?
Do you know who this fanfare is for?
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