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Basic Photography Techniques

No description

Sarah Burdett

on 20 January 2016

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Transcript of Basic Photography Techniques

Basic Photography Techniques
Light is easy to forgot but can be as important as your subject. Typically using the flash removes shadows (depth) from your picture and alters colors. Natural light is best. And sunset is very flattering on people and can make colors glow!
negative space
art principles, art elements
Point of View
Changing the point of view can make an ordinary subject more interesting. It can also change your perception of size/proportion.

1. shooting from above looking down
2. on level
3. from your kneeling or sitting
4. ground level
5. Try zooming in on a focal point
Rule of Thirds
Instead of centering, having your focal point at the 1/3 of the picture. It looks pleasing and makes the picture more complex. ( not centered, not perfectly symmetric)
Point of View
Rule of Thirds
The contrast of light and dark adds mood to the unorthodox ornament. It also shows the texture of the tree's needles.
Obstructed View
The view from the floor makes the football players look more imposing. (bigger, intimidating)

The close view to the tree bark allows us to see a tree in a new way. It also emphasizes the texture.

This view showcases the bride's veil and makes her look beautiful without a typical pose.
The lines of the horizon are jagged because of the plant. The clouds almost seem to touch the plant.
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