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7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens--Habit #3

Put First Things First

Angela Krajca

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens--Habit #3

Ask yourself: “What are the most important things I need to do this week?”
My Big Rocks for the Week
Study for science test
Finish reading book
Attend Megan’s game
Complete employment application
Party at Isabella’s
Exercise 3 times #1 Your Big Rocks Once you have your big rocks booked, schedule in all of your other little to-dos, daily task, and appointments. #3 Schedule Everything Else Have you ever seen the Big Rock Experiment?

The big rocks represent your most important things. The pebbles represent all the little everyday things that suck up your time.

If you don’t schedule your big rocks in first, they won’t get done. #2 Block out time for your big rocks The Slacker sees things as neither urgent nor important.
Quadrant 4 is the category of waste and excess.
The results of quadrant 4 are:
Lack of responsibility
Flakiness The Slacker The Prioritizer sees things as important but not urgent.
Quadrant 2 is the quadrant of excellence.
The results of quadrant 2 are:
Control of your life
High performance The Prioritizer Monday--January 14, 2013 7 Habits of High Effective Teens—Habit #3 “Put First Things First” What can you use a planner for:
To-do lists
Plan Weekly and follow this 3-step planning process:
Step—1 Identify your Big Rocks
Step—2 Block out time for your Big Rocks
Step—3 Schedule everything else. Pick up a Planner The procrastinator sees things as both urgent and important.
The Procrastinator is addicted to urgency.
The results of too much of quadrant 1 are:
Stress and anxiety
Mediocre performance The Procrastinator Have you ever noticed that you can pack much more into a suitcase if you neatly fold everything?
The same goes for your life. The better you organize yourself, the more you’ll be able to pack in. Packing More Into Your Life Get there…Don’t let roadblocks knock you off course! Habit #3—Put First Things First The Yes-Man sees things as urgent but not important.
The Yes-Man tries to please other people and respond to their every desire.
The results of quadrant 3 are:
Reputation for being a “pleaser”
Lack of discipline
Feeling like a doormat for others to wipe their feet on So are you studying for the test? Dude, you want to hang out? The Yes-Man Are you ready to rehearse tonight? 3 4 2 1 Time Quadrants
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