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Research: Finding Reliable Resources

Information on online research including a link to schoolnotes with middle school research links.

Samantha Hancock

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Research: Finding Reliable Resources

Created for Thomas Jefferson Middle School Research: Reliable Resources First hand research
conducted yourself
experiments or surveys
personal experience
Second hand research
get from various texts
compiled by others
website Two Types of Research: Must be credible
trustworthy Credible Resources Online Who is the author?

Is the source new?

Why did the author write this piece? Important Questions Online Encyclopedias
General Understanding
Specific Dates

Selection of Educational Online Database
Cengage Learning

Student Start Pages

Student Search Engines Where do I Begin? This is especially true with online sources!

But how do you know if they are good sources? Beware of using sites like Wikipedia. Wikipedia *Use precise words

*Adding more words can narrow a search

*Use synonyms

*Point out sponsored links.

*Use quotation marks

*Control F Searching Tips: To begin your research, visit
http://new.schoolnotes.com//TJMS Are You Ready? Scroll down on that page to view some research
questions and also the list of sites for your
research. Let's Take a Look Mars Google
Pigeons Velcro Crop (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
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