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Invention of the Toilet

No description

Irene & Jade

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Invention of the Toilet

The Toilet BY: Irene and Jade The Flush Toilet Port-a-potty Who Invented the Toilet? Where?
When? The first flush toilet has many parts that many different people put together to make the toilet. Sir John Harrington invented the toilet in 1596 in Kelston, Somerset, England for Queen Elizabeth the First. Alexander Cummings invented the s-trap in 1775 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Lastly,Joseph Bramah invented the ballcock in 1778 in Stainborough, Barnsley, Yorkshire. What was life like before the Toilet? How did the Toilet work Originally? How has the Toilet been Improved? Where's the Toilet used in Society today? Why was the Toilet Invented? Before the toilet was invented, you would have to find a tree or dig a ditch. Other people would dig a hole that was really deep, place a seat on top of the hole, and build a house over it. This was also known as an outhouse. When the toilet came around, it was a great deal to everyone. The original toilet had a knob on a chain which would be used to "flush" the toilet. This has been changed into a handle. Also, there was a toilet bowl that had a basin underneath which you would relive yourself in. It had to be emptied and cleaned pretty often which is a very unsanitary thing to do. January 27, 2013 Since the toilet was one of the greatest inventions, it is used all over the world today. They're used in public restrooms, houses, airplanes, trains, and port-a-potties. However, some people still have to dig ditches all over the world, like Africa. The toilet was invented to prevent diseases from spreading all over the place. If it weren't for the toilet, people these days would still be using the restroom in a chamber pot and dumping it into the river or on to the ground afterward. The ballcock The s-trap The outhouse Overtime, the toilet has improved in many different ways. The toilet now has a sensory seat where the toilet flushes automatically when you're finished reliving yourself. Also, Coway, a toilet company, has a spray for your bottom to make your bottom clean. Also, the new toilet seat that Coway has invented, a toilet seat warmer. Thanks to Coway, we're able to stay clean. Coway toilet Old Fashioned Toilet
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