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Snow Leopard Food Web

Snow Leopard Food Web

Thomas Felt

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Snow Leopard Food Web

Snow Leopard Himalayas Food Chain Bharal (blue sheep) Marco Polo Sheep Siberian Ibex The Snow Leopard is at
the top of its food chain,
it eats hares and many
kinds of sheep and goats. Bharal tend to eat a lot of
mushrooms. They are also the
"Main Course" for Snow Leopards. Marco Polo Sheep eat mushrooms and
other plants. They are often eaten by
Snow Leopards. The Siberian Ibex is a herbivore,
it eats plants. It is eaten by the Snow
Leopard. It is a carnivore, a
predator, and a
heterotroph. Siaga Antelope Hare Northern Hawk Owl Ground Squirrel Alai Mole Vole Pamir Shrew Reeshi Mushrooms Greig's Turnips Sources: The Northern Hawk Owl
is at the top of its food chain.
It eats rodents and other small
animals. The Northern Hawk
Owl is a carnivore, a
predator, a scavenger,
and a heterotroph. The Greig's
Turnip is at
the bottom of
its food chain. The Greig's
Turnip is
eaten by
almost any
herbivore. "Biological Diversity in the Mountains of Central Asia." Biological Diversity in the Mountains of Central Asia. N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Nov. 2012. <http://www.eoearth.org/article/Biological_diversity_in_the_mountains_of_Central_Asia> Reeshi Mushrooms are
producers and autotrophs.
Reeshi Mushrooms are
also decomposers, which means that they consume other animals when they die. The Hare eats mushrooms
and turnips, it is prey to
hawks and leopards. Siaga Antelope graze
the mountains in search
of grass and mushrooms. Pamir Shrews are a
likeable meal for the
Northern Hawk owl. The Alai Mole Vole is a
omnivore as it eats plants
and meat (i.e. turnips, worms) The Ground Squirrel is
a common food for the
birds of Central Asia.
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