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What will the Development of Online Shopping Mean to Physical Stores

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Jane Hershy

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of What will the Development of Online Shopping Mean to Physical Stores

What Will the Development Of Online Shopping Mean to Physical Stores
The History of Shopping
Why We Online Shop
Its Cheaper- Brand products for less
Always open
No need to lug around bags
More Selection
More information on Products
Payment is Quick and Easy
Shopping in the Future
Digital technology, Smart Phones & Touch Screens= Change of stores in the future
Advertising in the Right Locations=better sales
Change of stores and how they work
Online sales continue to grow
Online Shopping
What Will the Development of Online Shopping Mean to Physical Stores?
Online shopping is a way of using electronics to sell and purchase items directly
Where Online Shopping Stand Right Now
The Negative Effects of Online Shopping to Physical Stores
How Online Shopping Came to Be
Created in 1949 by Michael Aldrich
Made by attaching a modified television to a telephone line to a real-time multi-user transaction processing computer
It was first installed in the UK, Ireland and Spain

The Firsts of the Firsts
1990 Tim Berners-Lee & the Invention of the World Wide Web
1992 Charles Stack & the Opening of the first Online Book Store
Jeff Bezos & the Start of Amazon
Online Banking Began
Pizza opened a Online Pizza Shop
the Creation of eBay
Tesco-full online shopping store
Why Stores Have Online Shops
Cost of owning/renting & maintenance for a physical store is a lot more expensive then a online stores
Offers access to a world wide market
Costumers who see products in stores then purchase online
Retailers Have to deal with the maintenance of a physical store while online stores make the sales
People Buy on Short Notice-giving retailers shorter amount of time to convince people to buy
Percent bought online:
27% Food
24% Clothing
62% Electronics
41% Home Improvements
Number of stores decreasing
World largest online stores:
Amazon & eBay
Stores Losing their traditional value
Online Shopping Already Making a Mark in the UK
UK 2009:
Amount of Stores went down by 4%
For the first time, amount of retail space went down by 12m square foot
South Korea Taking the First Step
Tesco in South Korea:
Created a Virtual Store in the subway, where people can order their groceries from a virtual wall
Tescos is now the #1 online grocery store in South Korea
Nordstrom taking the First Step to Enhancing Stores
Planning to give 6,000 hand held computers to store employees to help find products & take payments from costumers
Stores use of Facebook and Twitter to Make Sales
Twitter used For:
Sales Assistance
Product Anouncements
First online Stores opening on Facebook

People and What they Want
People have higher expectations now then 3-5 years ago for product, value, & environment
Shopping in Though Time
In the Beginning People:
Bartered and Traded handmade goods
Fairs and Markets
Later On:
shop =Permanent
specialized ex: bakery, butchery
In 2000 the first money was used
In the Present:
Shop through the Internet
Goods are delivered to homes
Stores sell a wide verity of products
What will Happen to Stores in the Future
Benefit from:
Changing stock constantly
Use Touch Screens to serve costumers- order, purchase & deliver
lots of technology added into stores Ex: Magic Mirrors/sensors
Wifi Access in all Stores
Development of combined marketing teams
Fewer stores
Store portfolios reset
Change retail environment
Spending levels of people will remain week
Personalize shopping experience
Store employees=brand Advocates
People will shop in many places
The Future Ways to Shop
Ability to browse & purchase in display windows
Use touch screens to purchase in stores
Stores expected to have more sales
Online and Shopping in the Future
Online Sales predicted to grow 8.8% faster then retail stores over the next 5 years
Online sales expected to grow to $68 billion in 2015
Facebook & Twitter Used as Sales Channels
Future Stores:
Less Stores
Personalized shopping
Technology added into stores
Future Online Shopping:
Bigger Market
Use of Facebook and Twitter
In the Future
Physical Stores & Online Shopping Technology
will Combine!
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