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Fashion Dashboard

No description

Stephan Alber

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Fashion Dashboard

(In-) Store Analytics Fashion Dashboard Fashion Dashboard Competitive Benchmarking 5th ave Quality Analysis 4.4x vs. Case Study Check-Ins 5th ave 5th ave 51.5% 48.5% 20.5% 79.5% February & January 2013 Total amount more pictures per check-ins Scale Store World-
wide Chain City Business Model SocialMedia
Consulting Subscription
Service Public Prototype www.fashiondashboard.net Social Media Analytics for the real world Timeline (t) GeoData (lat/lng) Pictures Future & Perspective Future & Perspective Thank you! Stephan Alber // stephanalber@gmai.com // @franci_de www.fashiondashboard.net Pictures Check-Ins Likes/Tags/etc Opportunities Learn New
services based on SocialMedia Data (Example: Twitpic)
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