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On May 22, 1927 everything changed in Xining, China

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Sophia Digati

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of On May 22, 1927 everything changed in Xining, China

The fault type was a convergent boundary
The location was latitude 31.62 and longitude 101.77
Citation and resources list
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The Indian and Eurasian plates were involved
The epicenter was located in xinging china
The aftershocks affected the gulang-wuwei area. Some cities include gulang town, minqin town and tianzhu town.
On may 22, 1927 200,000 people died and 40,900 people died instantly. Also 250,000 livestock died. This earthquake in xining, china was one of the most deadliest earthquakes. It earthquake was a 7.9 on the righters scale and It damaged 500+ buildings, homes, and schools Some were completely destroyed.

By: Sophia Digati
eye witness account
Makenna: Hello Jessica. My name is Mckenna I am here to interview you about the earthquake in Xining, China in 1927.
Jessica: Hello Mckenna. When the earthquake hit I was out walking my dog. I ran over to the nearest store and I stood in the doorway. I knew to stand in the doorway because of other earthquakes that I have lived through.
Makenna: Wow! that must of been scary. How did the doorway save you? Wasn’t the building you were in collapse?
Jessica Half of the building I was in collapsed, but I was lucky and my part of the building didn’t collapse. It was the most scariest day of my life.
Makenna: Thats an amazing story! I had fun talking to you today. Your amazing!!

On May 22, 1927 everything changed in Xining, China
Xining china could of been more prepared by having cross braces, moats and reinforcing walls. This would of lower the damage and death toll. Xining china also could have had warning signals telling people to leave the area. Without the technology we have today earthquakes would be very deadly. This is an example of why we should be glad we have the technology we have today

More preparedness?
before and after
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