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W7 COP IT Mentor Workshop Day 2 - Physics sharing

No description

Tat Leong Lee

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of W7 COP IT Mentor Workshop Day 2 - Physics sharing

Using for Science Google forms Informal/formative
assessment Get student to THINK!
See their thinking! Work, Energy, Power Google
Sites Google Spreadsheet Candidates should be able to:
infer from Brownian motion experiments the evidence for the movement of molecules (O-Level) – Revision
describe the relationship between the motion of molecules and temperature. (O-Level)
explain the pressure of a gas in terms of the motion of its molecules. (O-Level)
use molar quantities where one mole of any substance is the amount containing a number of particles equal to the Avogadro constant. (A-Level)
recall and apply the relationship that the mean kinetic energy of a molecule of an ideal gas is proportional to the thermodynamic temperature to new situations or to solve related problems. (A-Level) formulate questions and generate inquiries
(guided) As teacher, provide the right conditions for SDL & CoL to take place Wordle http://www.wordle.net/ Collaborative
Sharing make simple
Continuous Innovation http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/index.shtml Open-source (Free!!!)
Ready-made simulations for sci/social sci/maths
Customisable/creation of simulations
Standalone applet
Participatory simulation
System modelling Brownian Motion Why Google? Re-Designing

lesson with ICT system modelling Participatory simulation DIY Applet
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