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The hockey Sweater

No description

Gabriel Montero

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The hockey Sweater

The hockey sweater
Roch Carrier
The author

Born in May 13, 1937
Sainte-Justine, Quebec hospital
Studied at the Collège St-Louis in New Brunswick

The Hockey Sweater
It is about a ten year old boy that loves to play hockey
The story is a experience that Roch had as a kid
"That day I had one of the greatest disappointments of my life" (pdf 3)
This describes the tone as disappointing.
"The winters of my childhood were long, long seasons. We lived in three places-the school, the church and the rink-but our life was on the skating rink."
Rising Action
Falling Action
The boy-
The narriator/author who loves hockey. Story is based of one of Roch's childhood moments.

The boy
Role: Team mate, son, student
Relationships: With mother, ok, a little rocky in the story. With team, good until he got the new sweater.
Motive: get rid of sweater
Goals: become great at hockey
Self-image: The boy wants to fit in, but with the new sweater, it gives him a hard time.
Tone: dissapointing
"That day I had one of the greatest disappointments of my life" (pdf 3)
Describes daily life.
- School is a punishment
- A quiet place to study play for next game
- Loves to play hockey
- find peace at church
- claims that the Montreal is the best hockey team
- hero is Maurice Richard
The boy's favorite hocky sweater becomes too small.

1st pov
On my opinion the story was great so I hope you would like to read it when you get the chance
Mother orders new sweater
Boy gets upset and claims to never wear the sweater because it was different from the sweaters his team uses.
The mother says that because it is different it doesn't matter.
The boy then takes the new sweater to a game
His team mates wear red, white and blue Maurice Richard
sweaters while the boy wears a blue Toronto Maple Leaf sweater.
Things don't go his way
-The sweater was heavy
-Team captain tells him "he'd need him later"
-He sits out most of the game.
-Ends up angry of his new sweater
-Goes to church to pray
-Ask if god could somehow ruin or destroy his sweater.
"Wearing my Maple Leafs sweater I went to the
church, where I prayed to God; I asked him to send,
as quickly as possible, moths that would eat up my
Toronto Maple Leafs sweater." (4)
At the boy's home
When his mother buys a new sweater
off a catalogue
The rink
Where the boy ends up having a bad
day because of his new sweater.
The church
Where he prays to God to get rid of his sweater
The mother-
Is like anyother mother, she cares for her child.
She, on the narriator's pov, ruined his life.
Maurice Richard-
The boy's favorite hockey player and hero.
The boy's favorite sweater is based off Richard's
Monsieur Eaton-
Not a lot about him. He sends the new sweater the mother buys
and is quick to reply her letters.
Red, white, and blue
Maurice Richard Sweater
Blue Toronto
Maple Leafs Sweater
-The boy Is Roch
-Hates sweater
-Has hard time with new sweater.
"Does what you where really matter?"
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