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The Road to Gettysburg

No description

Holly Korn

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of The Road to Gettysburg

The Road to Gettysburg
Stones River
: Hooker is in a heavily wooded area.
Brandy Station
Food, Medicine, and The Emancipation Proclamation!
basically the soldier's food was terrible....
they ate things like....

rats (yum)
Event 1
farmers' livestock
attacked May 18
wild berries
salted meat (yum, yum! eat up, children!)
attacked May 22
Event 3: Stonewall Jackson shot by his men
Soldiers-76,400 total

41,400 total
1,677 killed
7,543 wounded
3,686 missing/captured
- Gen. Grant commands 75,000 men (Union) into Vicksburg. They fight from May 18 - July 4 1863.
There was more to the Emancipation Proclamation than you might think...
Jeb Stuart
David Gregg
35,000 total
1,294 killed
7,945 wounded
2,500 missing/captured
- In Battle 4,800 deaths (Union) and 3,300 deaths, 30,000 captured (Confederate).
Event 5: Southern ( IFY ) breaks through resistance; meets in center of CHV.
field hospitals smelled like....
the battle of Brandy Station took place june 9th 1863
Event 2: Union pushed out of woods, but Confederates push them back in.
Event 4: Hooker abandons key ground (timidity).
Event 6: Word from Fburg says that Union force is threat.
Event 7:Battle of Salem Church halts Union threat
Event 8: Hooker retreats back to the Rappahannock ( river )
Follow up battle of Chanellorsville
Union Victory
union: blue
General Lee ordered Jeb Stuart to launch a diversional raid across the river on June 9th
field hospitals
newly designed hospitals
medicine kit

injured soldiers
Generel Hookers interpreted Stuart's intensions and ordered David Gregg to disperse and destroy the union.
Henry Halleck
Outcome: Hooker- about 18,000 deaths; Gen.
Lee- about 13,000. Risky planning led to the Confederates winning the battle of CHV.
he (Lincoln) issued it twice
it only applied to states in rebellion
Lincoln's advisors didn't exactly support
it helped slaves get their freedom
Abraham Lincoln
William S. Rosecrans
Gen. Grant Union
Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton
Fact : Confederacy was greatly out- numbered more than 2 to 1.
General Braxton Bragg
General Hooker
General Lee
WAIT..... wrong Lee
1. Gen. Grant came in two prong strike, failed
2. Confederate cut Grants Supply line
Yes same im the same person that ran off during Getysburg
Background- Gen. Ambrose Burnside only lasted a single campaign while being head of the Potomac Army (Union). Messing things up, Lincoln makes change. Hooker takes over and makes them more powerful.
3. Union Came round from back then farried across the river, Failed
4. Union used gun bouts to distract the Confederate
The Explanation
Henry Halleck + Lincoln sought to take advantage of material superiority over the South
12/26/1862 Rosecran's army left Nashville marched on Bragg's position at Murfreesboro
2 armies met on a battlefield near Stones River on 12/30/1862
12/31/1862 Bragg attacked before the Union could
1/1/1863 Bragg waited for Rosecrans to retreat
1/2/1863 the Union reformed into a strong line
1/2/1863 in the afternoon Bragg ordered soldiers to seize a hill
With no cards left to play, Bragg ordered a retreat
It was a victory!
the Confederates won even know they were out numbered by about 1500
5. Sherman Faints attack at grand gulf
6. Grant crosses at Bruins burg, then comes
around behind
7. confederate loss at port Gibson causes evacuation to grand gulf.
Grant uses the big black river as a shield then cornering Pemberton
9. Sherman attacks with the Confederacy not knowing that they out numbered 3 to 1
Jackson city evacuation
11. Jackson is won by union again
12. Grant attacks Vicksburg after 5 hours Sherman charges in fails then grant attacks on a 3 mile radius.
13. Pemberton surrenders
620,000 soldiers died but 2/3 of them died of disease
illnesses like dysentery, typhoid, fever, pneumonia, mumps, measles, and tuberculosis
civil war medicne was not mdern at all
hospitals nearby were filled to the rim
wounded and sick sped up technological progression of medicine
soon doctors and nurses became acquainted with the treatment of the sick and wounded
death from wounds was an addiitional scarring remembrance of all americans
happened early morning while stuarts men were asleep
The Importance
This was a Union victory in the South
The battle of the Stones secured Union control of middle Tennessee for the remainder of the war
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