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Sahar Muhammad

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of FROZEN

Rising Action
The Rising Action is the action before the climax.
The End
Presentation by: Sahar Muhammad and Cameron Gaspard
Period 4
Pictures by: prezi.com
Falling Action
The Falling Action is the action after the climax.
The Falling Action in the movie frozen is when After Elsa unfreezes the land, Anna punches Hans off the boat.
Exposition is the introduction of the conflict.
The exposition of the fairy tale Frozen is when Elsa accidently hits her sister Anna with her ice powers and they have to take her to the magical trolls.
1) Anna asks Hans to kiss her so but then turns out he tricked her and he only pretended to like her because he wanted to be prince but he had to wait for his 12 older brothers so then Hans locks her in the room to die.
2) Elsa was about to be killed by Hans and Anna had to choose between saving her life or Elsa's and she chose her sister Elsa.
3) Anna freezes because of when she got struck in the heart by the ice and when Elsa hugs her because she is sad Anna unfreezes.
A Climax is the highest most intense point in the development or resolution of something.
The climax of the movie was when Elsa found love and defrosted the land.
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