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No description

Kurt Yakimkoski

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Outlione

The Affects of Steroids What are the Long
Term Affects Why Some teens
use Steroids What Are The
Physical Affects In Men In Women Male Pattern Baldness
Reduced Sperm
Testicle Shinking
Breast Development
Infertility Male Pattern Baldness
Facial Hair
Growth of An Adams Apple
Deepend Voice
Breast Reduction

Severe Acne
Decrease in HDL (Good Cholesterol)
Increase in LDL( Bad Cholestero)
Fluid Retention
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Tumors
Liver Tumors
Cancer If pros use steroids
then teens think
they need them to succed
,or just want to be
the best at their sport.
Teens may veiw steroids as a quick way to build size and strength but they may not realize they are gambling with their health. Pressure from peirs
Mental Affects of Steroids
Guilt Aggressive behavoir Depression Paranoia Teens Stunted growth
Severe acne
Side affects can be dangeous and permanet
Injection of steroids means increased risk of AIDS and other diseases such as hepatitis
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