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Yes, She's a Christ Figure, too

By Jeff Oh & Rahul Bulusu

Rahul Bulusu

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Yes, She's a Christ Figure, too

How to Read Literature Like a Professor Thomas C.Foster Yes, She's a Christ Figure, too Presentation by
Rahul Bulusu & Jeff Oh A christ figure will display one or more of the following qualities:
Crucification in some manner
in extreme agony
self sacrificing
good with children
in 30s, usually 33
is a professional carpenter
tempted by the devil
died, or thought to have died, but resurrected on third day
wounds on hand, feet, side, or head
What is A Christ Figure? No Christ figure will be exactly like Jesus
According to Foster, "Christ figures are where you find them, and as you find them"
all sorts of characters can be interpreted as Christ figures, it's all a matter of perspective
Christ figures do NOT have to be male.
Keep in mind: The writer wants to state a specific point, usually about sacrifice, redemption, hope, or miracles. Sometimes, the writer uses the Christ figure ironically to make the character look smaller Why do authors use Christ figures? of Christ Figures Examples Chronicles of Narnia Aslan Aslan's father (God) created Narnia
Aslan is stabbed in the side when he is killed by the Witch
Aslan resurrects
According to C.S. Lewis, Aslan is not an allegorical portrayal of Christ, Aslan is the physical incarnation of Christ himself.
Aslan is good with children How Aslan is a Christ Figure Superman How Superman is a Christ Figure He is sent by his father, Jor-El (God), to Earth to save humanity from evil
He is referenced many times as trying to save an "unworthy Earth
His human parents are Joseph and Mary
Began his career as Superman in his 30s
Before dying, he recieves an agonizing stab wound in his side
Sacrifices his life while carrying the Black Island out of Earth (thereby removing sin from Earth)
When Superman dies, his head is tilted back, arms are spread out, and his feet are together (Crucification)
Resurrects after death Harry Potter series Harry Potter Always self-sacrificing
Last seen in the wilderness, in the company of evil wizards
Was tempted to join Voldemort (confrontation with and temptation from Devil)
Strong sense of justice and righteousness
Led Dumbledore's Army (Disciples, one less loyal than the rest)
Believed to have been killed
Resurrects How Harry Potter is a Christ Figure Think of some examples of Christ figures that you have seen in literature or film Your Turn! *Cookies may be provided to those who participate Identify 3 characteristics that Christ figures could have.
Can a Christ figure have all the elements of a Christ figure? Why or why not?
Does a Christ figure have to be male?
Why do authors use Christ figures?
Mini Quiz sorry, we lied about the cookies Thanks for listening!
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