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Copy of Once by Morris Gleitzman

Book Review Prezi - Final

Chloe Young

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Once by Morris Gleitzman

Once takes place in Poland, 1940. The setting moves from the montains, to the ghettos and to an escape from a train going to a death camp. "I slither down the mountianside through the cool green forest...Ther river is beautiful..." Characters:
The main character is a little boy named Felix
"I was plump...with freckles...Now I'm...tall with glasses and a complete set of teeth." On his journey to find his parents he meets a little girl named Zelda. He takes her with him in escape from the soilders.
Zelda: is six years old and has a good sense of humor and is determind to help Feilx find his parents! "If you want to risk it, I wont stop you."
Exposition: Felix finds a carrot in his soup and thinks that it is a sign from his parents.
Rising Action: Felix runs away from th orphanage to find his parents and warn them of the book burning Nazis.
Climax: Felix finds his house occupied by thier German neighbors and is told that all of the Jews have been sent away to the Ghettos. He finds a little girl names Zelda and taker her with him.
Falling Action: Barney takes Felix and Zelda along with some others and hides them in an attic so that they avoid being sent to the death camp. They are still discoverd and put on a train headed to a death camp.
Resolution: Felix breaks apart the boards of the train and him and Zelda decide to risk it and jump off the train. Literary Elements:
Irony: Felix at the beggining of the book prays to "God, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, the Pope, and Adolf Hitler." Whats ironic is that Hitler is the reason why his parents left him in the orphanage.
Symbolism: The author uses a corrot in the novel as a symbol a lot through out the book. First, as a sign to Felix from his parents. Later as a magic carrot to help Zelda feel better.
Foreshadowing: When Felix first escapes from the orphanage he has no idea what is going on. After he gets shot at, Felix goes on to say "That poor soldier. Tonight in the barracks he'll hardly be able to swallow his dinner he'll be so upset." The fact that Felix, feels this way foreshadows that he will probabley be caught and taken away as a Jew. Theme: "For all the children whose stories have never been told"
Morris Gleitzman, shows in this novel, how unaware Jewish children were during the genocide. Felix, at first thinks that the reason they are marching everyone into town in freezing degree weather is because they were Jewish book owners. Conection to the Text:
text to self
I can connect to the main character, Felix, because I was also little and unaware of what really was going on when my family escaped communist rule. Critique:
I really enjoyed reading this novel by Morris Gleitzman. He did a good job of describing how the children of the Holocaust really felt and what they went through. Once has a sequel book called Then and I am really looking forwaqrd to reading it and finding out how Felixes journey ends.
This book is part of the Association of Jewish Libraries because it is about a little boy who lived during the holocaust times.
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