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Road Map

No description

Hussain Nayani

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Road Map

Introduction to Mobile Payments
Introduction to
Rapid Software International

Introduction to
In This Presentation...

Prospective future solutions
- Visa Cards

- Online Gateway

- Multiple bank account management system

- International Remittances
Introduction to
Rapid Software International
Pursuant to an MOA of mutual exclusivity, SADAD will not provide its cash-in points to any other mobile wallet provider
This provides 750 exclusive cash-in points, off the bat, at no added cost.
Future developments & Products
USP of
- exclusivity with SADAD
Mobile Phone use is on the rise
Mobile Payment is the next big thing in the payment processing industry, according to leading consultants like EY.
Understanding the Industry
Nearly 2.3 Million Subscribers in Bahrain
Mobile Wallet
- Does not process the payment on its own.

- Integrates other payment processors eg. card payment is made through the normal card processor

- Apple Pay, Google Wallet
Mobile Payment Processing System
- It has an integrated payment processing system

- It processes the payment using the funds that the user has already deposited into the account.

- CashU
Mobile Wallet
Mobile Payment Processing System
Introduction to
Mobile Payments
At RSI, we believe in removing the barriers to technology, and allowing access to the comforts and ease of mobile and bank-less transacting.
Partnership with SADAD
RSI has signed a memorandum of agreement (MOA) with SADAD. Under the terms of the MOA, SADAD will not offer the service of any other cash-based mobile wallet solution, and RSI will not use any other cash-in points.
Previous Projects


Payment Flow
Revenue Model
Summary of Advantages
Payments made easy with just a mobile phone.
No transaction charges
for the buyer and seller.
Secure and simple transactions.
Easy deposits and easy withdrawals.
Comparison to Potential Competitors
This person authorizes and makes a payment using the payment app, in a process that is faster than cash and card transactions (no worrying about change or pesky receipts)
The payment is received instantaneously. The received funds are added to the account balance and can be used to pay in future transaction, or cashed out at will.
Wholesale API Access
To be used for 1 Step Registration
Integrations, APIs, App Access,
Payment Services
To be used for making
and receiving payments
Short Messaging Service

To be used for SMS notifications &
Marketing campaigns
To be used for maintenance of funds
and Withdrawals
Banking Services
Payee Bank Account
Receiver Bank Account
Bank Account
Every time a withdrawal is made, the subscriber is charged 1.99% of the withdrawal amount.
Cash flow can be easily maintained with this structure.
Targeted Marketing
Location-based targeted marketing

Using customer transaction data and an accompanying algorithm, a customer will be shown ads relevant to their purchasing habits when in the vicinity of a relevant available product.

For example, someone who frequently buys coffee will be shown an ad for Starbucks when they're in the vicinity of a store.
Monthly Maintenance
Every subscriber is charged 0.900 BHD for account maintenance.

Number of subscribers is directly proportional to profit.
Physical funds inserted by subscriber into the system
In cash, via SADAD kiosks though our unique exclusive partnership with SADAD
Settlement Bank
Physical funds withdrawn
by subscriber
Existing Non Cash POS Solution
Other Mobile Payment systems in
ATM & Visa Cards
PayPal Integration
Our customers will be able to use PayPal to recharge their accounts. Since this is a non-cash based recharge method, it does not violate any exclusivity agreements with SADAD.

Wallet products will be acting like a bank account, where you will have your card tie to that bank and will give the merchants the ability to manage the money the way they want.


MobilePay will integrate gateways with leading money remittance firms like Western Union, UAE Exchange and BFC to allow users to send money to their loved ones with just the click of a button.

Each one of our users who have No Bank account will be able to have visa cards which can be used at any time at any bank’s ATM machine to instantly withdraw funds or online for online shopping.

VIVA plays a crucial role. Not only does it help provide the backing of a bank and the associated trust account, it also helps provide a large existing customer base to convert.
Develop the software engine
Integrate VIVA and associated bank
Design and maintain the infrastructure and ecosystem
Each subscriber can be both payer and receiver. The standard application can be used to both make and receive payments
When a subscriber recharges their account, the bank credits the account with withheld funds. Withheld funds can be used freely in-app, but cannot yet be withdrawn.

When a payment is made, funds are transferred to the recipient account, where they are subsequently withheld.

When a subscriber wants to withdraw funds, the bank will releases the funds as withdrawable amount, after deducting the withdrawal fee, i.e. service charges for using the MobilePay service.

Google Wallet
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