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Immigration Act 1978

No description

rachel schmidt

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Immigration Act 1978

Immigration Act of 1978 What is the immigration act? The immigration act created four new categories of immigrants that would be able to enter Canada, they were, refugees (which is a person who has been forced to leave their country), families (Includes spouses, fiancés, dependent children, and parents or grandparents sponsored by a Canadian citizen.) Assisted relatives (includes distant relatives in Canada who are willing to help them become established.) And independent immigrants (which are immigrants who do not require sponsorship in Canada.) This act also created alternatives in deportation for less serious offenses. The immigration act made it easier for deserving applicants to enter Canada. This act was insured by the parliament of Canada, it received approval from media, academics, and public and private interest groups. It was passed by Pierre Trudeau in 1978. Who? Why Was the Immigration Act Formed? The immigration act of 1978 was over all a better way of running the immigration system and made it more specific and controlled. The new act was very popular with the public, this is because it gave more power to the provinces to set their own immigration laws. It was recognized as a positive force in Canadian society. The immigration act was designed to protect Canada and Canadians, it represented a major change in our countries immigration policy. Why is This a Significant Event In Canadian History? The immigration act of 1978 made Canada into the country it is today. Canada is a multicultural accepting and loving place to be, when you come to Canada you see people who are all different ages, races and ethnic backgrounds who are all working together and living in harmony. We are a country who promotes integration and not segregation. Average Russian family immigrating to Canada. The Outcome Of The Immigration Act The outcome of the immigration act was very successful, it allowed people who deserved a better life to easily immigrate to Canada, and it made our country a peaceful and wonderful place to live in. The point system is still in use, and the immigration laws still haven't changed much since 1978 due to the success! Pierre Trudeau had three main objectives
reunite families
attract people who promote the domestic and international need of Canada
accept displaced and persecuted (refugees) Point System A point system was in use to assess all worker applicants. To be eligible to reside in Canada you must have retained a minimum of 67 points in the point system. Bibliography http://www.canadiana.ca/citm/specifique/immigration_e.html
http://www.asylumlaw.org/docs/canada/canada78_immigrationregulations.pdf by Stefanie Schmidt
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