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The use of English in Group Work

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Sylvia Madrid

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of The use of English in Group Work

The use of English in Group Work
Why students did not speak English while working in groups?
I am a third grade teacher at CED school located in zone 2 in Guatemala, city. The school is not a bilingual school; however, students take English classes in ten forty minutes periods and three thirty minutes periods a week.
The purpose of this study was to establish the main reason why third graders did not speak English while working in groups even when English is used in teacher's presentations and explanations, students speak in Spanish.
Finding the answer to this question, students' communication in English will
be better.
Literature Review
Penny Ur
, states classroom activities are important component of a language course.
, writes about the remarkable ability of children to communicate.
Richards and Renandya
, states that the ability to speak a second or foreign language well is a very complex task.
Wallace T., Stariba W.E., and Walberg H.J.
, in their booklet establish that learners need to know how speakers differ from one another.
The group selected for this study attended the same classroom classifying at the same level.
Since the problem was students did not speak English while working the method changed to the written answers exercises the teacher promoted a conversation or analysis to engage them in speaking.
They read to each other while practicing reading; they checked their pronunciation and supported their classmates.
Even though they were beginners, they improved their pronunciation and their confidence while speaking.
The participants were the total of students in the classroom.

The data was collected by the classroom teacher, later the teacher wrote a journal entry about the daily activities.

After analyzed the journal entries the teacher realized they did not speak English because they did not have opportunities to do it.

The teacher changed the methodology and gave them more time to speak and create presentations.
The main idea at the beginning of this study was to understand why students did not speak English while working in groups.
Once the facts was established and the methodology changed participants started to speak.
There is not only one form to promote speaking among students.
Teachers should be creative while planning classes.
Third Grade
Reading practice
Final Project
Introducing yourself
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