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John Regan

on 25 September 2016

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Giving you a Present
of your Past
History is not a thing of the past, it’s all around you, and we at Histories In The Making aim to keep it that way.

With more and more families migrating to far-flung lands, the bonds that tie relatives together are being stretched to breaking point. The oral history that was once passed down from generation to generation about our ancestors is being lost.

Some families seek out their past through genealogy. The results of those efforts might rest in a folder – birth certs, census information, pension application forms… but trying to really capture the life of your loved one from these forms can be difficult.
Histories in The Making want to change that. We offer a range of services and options so that you can present your research in a readable and informative way, putting into context lives once lived.

We are passionate about history and writing and excellent design, and we combine those skills to offer you the chance of bringing your history to life.

Whether it’s a family poster, a commemorative brochure or an interactive webpage to remember your ancestor, Histories In The Making are here to give you and future generations a present of your past.
David Lawlor
has been a journalist for 26 years, and is an associate editor at Ireland’s largest media company. He is the author of five novels and writes about history on his blog,
John Regan
is a designer with 15 years experience in Ireland’s largest media organisation. John's company
Junior Creative Solutions
has worked with the Football Association of Ireland, Independent News & Media and the Gaelic Players Association to provide top quality graphics across print and digital platforms.
Whether you have sparse information about your ancestor, or a treasure trove of facts, we are here to put it all into context, displaying it in a format that is both informative and appealing. There are a variety of options available, from a high-quality poster of your ancestor’s life through to an expertly designed brochure or even an interactive webpage that can be accessed by loved ones around the world. We can bring the past into your home, educating your relatives and future generations about the people who made them who they are today.
Contact us at historiesinthemaking@gmail.com today
Welcome to your Histories
in the Making presentation
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