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No description

Kong Xin Ni

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of TWG Tea

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com History Stands for The Wellness Group

Established in 2007

Started by two non-Singaporeans: Manoj Murjani and Taha Bouqdib

Singapore was chosen as it is located close to tea-growing countries and it had a history of tea-trading Luxury tea brand

Finest and largest collection of tea

Partners with Singapore Airlines, Dean & Deluca food chains in U.S., Harrods in London, various 5-star hotels and even OSIM

Sells tea, tea-infused food and pastries, and tea accessories Background Demographics
Psychographics Market Segmentation Concentrated(niche) marketing


Today Market Targeting How about differentiated marketing? Market Targeting
Differentiate itself from other high-end cafes offering the luxury drinking experience

Educating customers about
the history and culture of tea

Luxurious tea accessories Differentiation and Positioning Product differentiation
Image differentiation Differentiation and Positioning Analyzing TWG’s Market Strategy Current Strategies
Loose Tea, Tea bags Experience for consumers Current Strategies
Packaged Tea Experience for consumers Current Strategies
Luxurious image Experience for consumers Future plans Experience for consumers High-end salons and hotels
Luxury brands Partnerships with luxury brands
and organizations “Do well by doing good”
Link purchases with fundraising to worthwhile causes Partnerships with luxury brands
and organizations Line extensions:
Over-extension of line leading to confusion Brand development Brand extension
Investing in new products Brand development Current
Environment Future
Environment Differentiate itself from other tea brands through offering unique tea blends

Unique and rare blends, that are luxurious, exclusive and not widely available

Seasonally changing tea offerings so that remain fresh and unique Differentiation and Positioning Segmentation and Targeting Differentiation and Positioning 2. Europe (Paris)

Factors that might limit expansion
Too expensive for start-ups
Not conducive for growing businesses New Geographical Markets

1. China

Factors that might limit expansion
Political environment: China’s policies for foreign investments
Competitors: Starbucks, McCafe, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Expansion Plans New Market Segment

Non-tea drinkers

Factors that might limit expansion
Customers: Not well-educated about tea
Cultural Environment:
- tea drinking good or bad habit?
- preferences to traditional tea in China Expansion Plans Improve marketing communications through various promotion mix

Use more promotion tools
to create an integrated marketing communications
direct marketing  true friends
sales promotion  butterflies
personal selling  barnacles
public relations with specific groups (fashion & celebrity bloggers)

Factors that might limit expansion
Need to identify different groups of customers
Find sufficient resources for promotion mix
Expansion Plans Staff Expansion

More human resources needed

Factors that might limit expansion
poor service quality
inconsistent customer treatment Expansion Plans THE END Conclusion Differentiation and Positioning Choice of Value Proposition

Importance to target customers
Superior to other offerings
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