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Cognitive Psychology

No description

Francesca G

on 6 April 2018

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Transcript of Cognitive Psychology

A Career Study in Cognitive Psychology
Cognitive psychology is the study of how the mind processes information. A Cognitive Psychologist is a person who researches, or has professional experience in this field of study. These information processes include; "perception, attention, language, memory, thinking, and consciousness" (McLeod).
Job Responsibilities
The responsibility of a Cognitive Psychologist is to help build an understanding of how our brain processes information. Cognitive Psychologists can help people learn to strengthen their memory and with this skill, potentially overcome learning disabilities.
Qualifications and Typical Salary
Experience with statistics is important in this field because the job mostly consists of research. Knowledge of computers may also be important because this field of work crosses over with the developing of artificial intelligence.
In 2010 the average salary for a Cognitive Psychologist was $86,510, across all specializations. $74,320 for researchers, $100,790 for researchers, and $109,600 for physicians.
Education Requirements
A Doctorate in Psychology (Ph. D, or Psy. D) is the most common degree that practicing Cognitive Psychologists have. It is rare to see someone in this field with a Master's degree (Careers in Psychology).
Related Jobs in the Field of Cognitive Psychology
There are many different jobs within this field:
Cognitive modeling
Developmental science
Cognitive neuropsychology/neuroscience
Cognitive engineering
Experience and/or Required Licensing
Cognitive Psychologists may receive their degree in the general field of psychology but should have completed research on the topic of cognition for proper experience in the field. Licensure is typically only required for Cognitive Psychologists practicing in clinical settings.
Cognitive Psychology
Francesca Gigliotti
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