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sarah savidge

on 11 September 2018

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Transcript of renaissance

Modern Day Renaissance
Modern day technology
modern writers inspired by shakespeare
Believe it or not Herman Melville author of, "Moby Dick¨ was inspired by Shakespeareś ¨King Lear¨
The author of, ¨The Black prince¨ was inspired by ¨Hamlet¨
Another author who was inspired by ¨King Lear¨ was Jane Smiley who wrote ¨A Thousand Acres.¨
Renaissance art
modern art
Bob Ross
Michelangelo was a famed artist back in the 1400's, he famously painted the creation of Adam mural in the Sistine Chapel. While Bob Ross, a modern man who was known for "happy accidents" painted pictures in great detail like Michelangelo himself. The difference is, is that Bob Ross worked for free. PBS shows were non profit and Bob Ross wasn't paid for his rolls. While Michelangelo was paid for commissions and such.
Our everyday technology are inspired by the renaissance period.
From the way we build things to our military parachutes. these were pieces of the renaissance.
Now of course there are differences like our plumbing versus the ¨plumbing¨ back then.
Renaissance art is the art that shaped modern day art today.
In the renaissance water based paints and oil based paints were developed.
And of course the detail is much stronger between these two paintings but abstract is just a bounce off of reality.
The exterior of the Denver art museum versus the french
is definitely not as detailed or as grand.
Yet in it's simpleness it is complicated with it's towering triangular walls and the illusion that the angles defy gravity.
Renaissance architecture on the other hand paid much more attention to detail and grandness rather than complicated and simple structures.
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