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on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of LUNGS

by: Henry, Tomas, Andrew, and Ezequiel
Trachea :
muscle that helps air go inside the lungs.



Air sacs. You have 6,000,000,000
Thanks for watching

Lungs are extremely important to us because if we didn't have them we would not be able to breath!
How to Protect our Lungs
To protect our lungs you should not smoke {which you shouldn't at this age} or not breath air with a lot of pollution (smoke from factories, wildfires, vehicles, etc). The last thing of how to protect our lungs is to take care of nature in order to have clean air.
How big are our lungs?
Our lungs are about 10 to 14 inches. Our right lung is a tiny bit larger than the left one. The lungs occupy almost all the part of the chest.
What Makes our Lungs Sick?
Our lungs get sick when we don´t take care of them. For example: never release all your energy at once {especially if you have asthma } cause it will be hard to breathe. Never do anything that might make you not breath or barely breath. Prevent people from smoking because it produces cancer and you could die. Also if there is air pollution around you and you breathe it, you probably get sick of respiratory tract.
Muscle in your stomach
helps air enter the lungs fully
Why are lungs special for us?
How do we Breathe?
When we breathe in (inhale) we capture oxygen and the lungs fill with air. Then when we breathe out (exhale) the lungs deflate and get rid of carbon dioxide. Our lungs pump these gases in and out of our bodies and help us dissolve them in and out of our blood.
Lungs are special to us because if we didn't have them we would not be able to breathe. If we didn't have lungs we could die.
Voice Box:
there are two bands
of tissue that forms
the vocal cords.
It helps us
send air to the lungs.

Help us send air to alveoli.
Little tubes
Sends air to the lungs.
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