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emma zuercher

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of THE BOY WHO DARED

DUWER- did not think before he acted, impulsive
GERHARD- honest and wise, a good example, older brother to Helmuth
Helmuth wants to tell the truth, that he learned from a radio he is not supposed to have, to other Germans. If he does he will get arrested because Hitler will think Helmuth is planning treason against Germany.
The story takes place in Hamburg, Germany during World War II. It takes place in the Hubener household, the school house, and the courthouse.
HELMUTH HUBENER-calm, curious, hardworking, and outspoken. He has two older brothers, one Mom, and no Dad.
The next day Helmuth is listening to Hitler's first speech on the radio and he hears his mother and Opa disagreeing on whether Hitler will be helpful or not.
The morning begins like every other day in prison. He uses the slop bucket and waits.
One day in February

Helmuth finds out that one of the government buildings in Berlin burned down. His mother gave him money to purchase bread at a shop that a Jewish man owned. As he walked down the street he saw another Jewish owner washing his windows which said "Don't buy from Jews." After that, a bunch of troopers came and killed the owner. Helmuth rushed home and told his mother what happened.
He hears footsteps. Helmuth stiffens with fear as they walk past him to the prisoner next door. The prisoner wails "No!" Then he hears the guillotine snap the metal jaws together. Helmuth silently prays for the soul of his neighbor.
Gerhard soon gets his letter from the army just as the war started. Helmuth is stunned, but even more surprised when he finds out that his mother is getting married again! Hitler has already taken over Poland and wants to take over France and Britain. Soon Helmuth gets job at his church. On one of Gerhards' breaks, he brings home an illegal radio. Helmuth wants to listen to it, but Gerhard locks it away so his brother will not be temped to listen. Gerhard leaves as quickly as he has came. Late one night Helmuth gets up and. . .
RUDI WOBBE - cautious, curious, and worries a lot.
KARL SCHNIBBE- curious, out going, and sneaky.
The solution to Helmuth's problem was writing pamphlets about the truth as many places as he could. He left them at telephone booths and other places where people would find them.
I do not recommend this book to people who don't like sad stories, but this was truly a powerful and moving story that is hard to forget. It meant something to read about a boy who gave their life to give others the truth.
The Boy Who Dared
is a book that you can't put down. I have read a lot of books and nothing compares to this one.
Helmuth has been sitting prison for 264 days now. He is scared that the executioner will come today. As he sits up in the wooden bed he remembers when he was three.
He was walking with his mother and a Nazi came up to them and said "Do you want to be a Nazi ?" and Helmuth said "Yes."
He does his morning routine and sits on his stool and waits nervously. Another memory comes to his mind.
School is out and Helmuth is playing with soldiers at his grandparent's house. They are talking about how Adolf Hitler will just make things worse for Germany. Helmuth doesn't understand why they don't want a man to fight and make their country better.
He hears footsteps. Helmuth prays its the morning guard and not the executioner.The window opens. Bread and coffee slide through. It is just the morning guard. Helmuth sighs with relief. He remembers the day Hitler became chancellor.
Its January 30, 1933, Election day. Helmuth is at school listening to the radio wondering who won. The radio crackles then says"Hitler." The whole room cheers.
unlocks the closet and quickly pulls out the radio. After listening to the illegal radio for a while he takes a risk and invites his best friends to listen to the truth. Helmuth says something and Karl said, "You sound like a
." That gave Helmuth an idea . . .
The next time Rudi and Karl came to listen to the radio, Helmuth gave each of them pamphlets that were against Hitler and spoke the truth. In the pamphlet it said to pass it on. He told Karl and Rudi that he was going to put these the pamphlets in mailboxes, telephone booths, and anywhere else he could find. Soon Helmuth found a new recruit, Duwer, who knew people who could print hundreds of pamphlets. One day at work two Gestapo agents came in and asked for "Helmuth Hubener." They took him away.
His attorney reads a paper saying that Helmuth was sentenced to death and the execution will take place after 8:00 tonight. "Any final request, Helmuth?" the attorney asked him. "A letter to my family," he answered.
He was waiting at the police station to be interrogated. When the agents came in Helmuth said "I take full responsibility." Later that day he was taken in again and beaten until he admitted who he worked with, Rudi and Karl. He had the chance to warn Karl, but not Rudi. In the courthouse, witnesses were called and the boys were questioned. Slowly it dawned on Helmuth, they were being tried as adults.
After Helmuth finishes the letter, he thinks of how he will go with dignity and courage. As soon as the cell door opens, he gets up quietly and walks to the execution room. He is not silent anymore. He has fufilled his last duty.
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