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harvin sidhu

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of Holocaust

Harvin Sidhu
Question: What were the pros and cons of the holocaust?
Pros: There are not many may pros but there is one. The Nazi's performed horrific medical experiments using Jews & other prisoners as subjects. Valid valuable medical information was obtained as a result of some these experiments. Even thou that was not right, medicine was improved by a lot.
Cons: At least 6 million Jewish people killed and possibly as many Poles, Gypsies, Russians, French, people in Germany and other countries who opposed Hitler, gays, etc were imprisoned, tortured, starved, beaten to death, gassed or shot, among other things. Everything they had was stolen from them, then their dignity, their family and then possibly their own lives. .
Picture of concentration camp
Intresting Facts
1. Over 27,000 people tried to protect other people from being taken by the Nazis.
2. Over one million children died in the Holocaust.
3. More than 500,000 people visit the concentration camp called Auschwitz every year.
4. There were close to eleven million deaths during the Holocaust.
5. Jewish people would often send there kids to a christian family to live so they could be safe from the Nazis.
6. To get the Jewish people to cooperate with the Nazis they said that they were being transported for different labor.
Adolf Hitler grew to power in Germany, started the Nazi race and army, had a view of a perfect race of blue eyed blonde haired people , used the Jewish people as a scapegoat and told all Germany that Jewish people were responsible for all their problems. They captured all the Jews, put them into concentration camps and then killed all of them, either by gas chamber, shootings or burned them all. Literally 100's of thousands of Jews were killed.
After the holocaust was over they needed a place to put all the bodies. Here is a pic of one way of disposing the bodies, in underground pits.
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