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Medical Imaging

No description

Mahgul Malik

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Medical Imaging

Medical Imaging
Subject Matter
Positive and Negative effects
Fun Facts
High energy radiation
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Travel at a speed of light
No charge
No mass
Impact on Society
Social Impact
Economic Impact
X-ray scanning man
(Technique involves radiation used to view the human body in order to diagnose or treat medical condition)
(most common form of medical imaging)
High energy radiation
Uses continuous beam of X-Ray
Contrast Liquid (Iodide or Barium)
What is Fluoroscopy?
(visual examination of moving body parts)
Barium swallowed during Fluoroscopy
Type of therapy commonly known to help treating cancer. It can be combined with other form of cancer therapy.
What is X-Ray?
X-Ray affected society from different perspectives.
Uniqueness of Fluoroscopy
(discovered by Wilhelm Roengten in 1895)
Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen accidentally discovered X-Ray in 1895.
As a result, the discovery brought revolution in medical field and led us to the new branch of medicine, involving radiations, devoted to imaging of structure and function of the body.
Picture of his wife's hand with her
wedding ring under X-Ray
Ghazanfar Malik 12036761
Mahgul Malik 12036787
( Year-1 )
This is what fluoroscopy looked like in 1900's
Positive Effects
Accurate diagnosis.
Damage cancerous cell.
Non-invasive test.
Identify abnormalities.
Removal of blockages.
Security system.
Negative Effects
Cultivates cancer.
Cloudy view of eyes occur.
Dye agent can cause allergy.
Skin reddening.
Hair loss.
Positive Effects
Examine body system.
Catheter insertion
Orthopedic surgeries
Functioning of blood vessels
Negative Effects
Causes cancer.
Defects in the fetus.
Damage tissues.
Burn the skin.
Allergic reaction due to dye agent.
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