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The Island Project

Let your imagination go wild, create your own virtual Island!

sarah liddell

on 6 January 2013

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Transcript of The Island Project

Mission Completed! Your first mission is to decide, as a group, who is going to run your Island. You need to research the types of government and decide which will be the most beneficial for your Island natives.

Not only do you need to decide the form of rule and type of government, but you need to be able to justify why you chose them. Mission 1: Who will rule your island? Your second mission is to decide upon the Island natives. You need to decide what they look like, the native population and how they live. Mission 2: The Island natives Mission 3: Island rules Mission 4: Your Island identity OK, so you now know who rules the Island, how law and order is kept, what the Island natives look like, but you now need an Island identity.

You need to create an Island flag, a national anthem and a plan of what the Island looks like Checklist

Type of rule, government
Island rules
Island natives
Island identity Your mission if you choose to accept it... The Island Project As creators of the Island, you must decide the rules. Not only must you decide the rules and punishment but you must decide who will keep Law and Order on the Island. Think about this one carefully! You are going to create an Island, but with great power comes great responsibility!

You are going to complete a set of missions each lesson until your Island is complete.

Your mission if you choose to accept it...
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