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Daniel Hunter

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of :)

Depression Affects of depression How many people are depressed extreme sadness and anger
suicidal thoughts and sometimes suicide
loss of appetite
more sleep then usual
loss in intrest of activites
loss of excersise
not very sociable A lot more people are depressed then most think. About 340 million people in the world are depressed
and every year around 17 million people become depressed. 1 in 4 women are depressed and 1 in 10 men are depressed. Why would someone cut themselves Anyone who cuts themselves will usually do it when they feel that absolutely noone cares about them and feel that they have to punish themselves. They may also do it because when they cut themselves, it releases all the sadness and anger they may be feeling for a few minutes. Someone who isnt depressed will think that that person is an idiot for cutting themselves but to someone who does it's almost like getting a high from a drug so it's hard for them to stop. People dont always cut their wrists, sometimes they will cut their legs or even their stomach so dont assume they dont cut themselves if they dont hve cuts on their wrists. How many people kill themselves and why? About one person kill's themselves every 40 seconds and in the last two decades the suicide rate has gone from 5% to 62% and constantly increasing. Even though there are more woman who are depressed than men, more men actually commit suicide than women. In Canada, out of 100 000 people about 17.3 men kill themselves and 5.4 women kill themselves and the rate of the amount of men and women who have attempted suicide but didnt kill themselves is 10-20 times greater than the actual suicide rate. How can you help depression? Some ways to help depression are... excersise 15-20 minutes everyday
eat more healthy
finding the cause of your depression
talking to a close friend It is most likely that someone who is depressed wont try to help themselves so if any of your close friends seem like they are depressed try talking to them about it because sometimes all they need is someone to talk to. Thanks for watching People who kill themselves usually kill themselves because they feel that there is no other way to get rid and be free of any pain they may be in.
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