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lead poisoning

No description

Humberto Chaidez

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of lead poisoning

General Information Lead poisoning has and is affecting a lot of people in the US. Once it gets in your body it spreads, and it is toxic to a lot of your organs. It can affect anyone and it is spread by many ways, but there is ways to prevent lead poisoning. It is important to prevent it because lead poisoning can damage many organs, and can stop child growth, and cause them learning disbilities Works Cited Burke, Mary G, and Mark D Miller. "Practical Guidelines For Evaluating Lead Exposure In Children With Mental Health Conditions: Molecular Effects And Clinical Implications." Postgraduate Medicine 123.1 (2011): 160-168. MEDLINE. Web. 21 Jan. 2013.




Humberto Chaidez Lead poisoning Nervous System Lead can damage the peripheral nerves that connect to the spinal cord and brain. That affects the nervous system because if it is damaged then the brain cannot receive impulses and send a message to the body part that is sending the impulse. That means that when you get hit you might not feel anything because the impulse that the pain receptors are sending to the brain is not being received by the brain or is being send to the wrong place so maybe you are feeling pain but just not at the place were you received the hit. Recommendation My recommendation is that the US had to make sure that every toy from another country has to be checked for lead. That will reduce a lot of lead poisoning cases in children. If you live or work in a house or building that was made before 2000 you should probably repaint the house so the walls at least have another coat of pain to protect us from the paint with lead. I also recommend to keep a good healthy diet. Public water fountain also need to have monthly inspections to make sure that the pipelines have no lead in them, and that people are not drinking that.
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