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Board Presentation

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Valeria Fantozzi

on 26 November 2012

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Transcript of Board Presentation

Housing Team HomeBase RI The HomeBase RI team seeks to implement transformative solutions to provide access to rental support for the state’s low-income populations. Logic model RFP Mission Input:
$15k Activity - Long-term, wide, systemic impact
- Focus on state-wide problems and state-wide solutions Outputs Outcomes Communication with legislators
Press Events
Impact assessment of rental subsidies
Events organized with partner advocates Legislators galvanized
Awareness and media coverage
Strengthening of advocacy ecosystem Broad Public Impact (Part 1): State rental subsidies passed allow people to pay rents Context Why affordability? What does "affordability" mean? Issue areas Foreclosures:
896 foreclosures in the first 6 months of 2012 HousingWorks RI 2012 Housing Factbook Affordability
49.2% of renters in RI are housing cost-burdened Opening Doors (2012), the state's 10 year plan to end homelessness Homelessness
1,277 were homeless in one night in 2012 (up 12% from 2011) Eric Hirsch, Providence College Housing 5+7= (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Why not some other strategy? Strategy Why not? Zoning regulations Building more affordable homes Building neighborhoods Home buyer/Renter counseling Even if changed, they do not provide affordable housing / The need does not lie in creating more physical spaces but making them affordable There are enough units While discussed around affordability, not directly related to new housing opportunities No clear opportunities in the area Supply side Demand side - Aims and Objectives
- Advocacy for Rental Subsidies
- Target Population
- New or Existing Campaign
- Logic model RFP Executive Summary Advocacy campaign for state rental subsidy program RFP Selection Criteria Evaluation Plan Organizations invited to submit proposals 1) Housing Network of Rhode Island
2) Rhode Island Coalition for the Homeless
3) HousingWorks Rhode Island
4) DARE - Direct Action for Rights Equality
5) RIHAP - Rhode Island Homeless Advocacy Project
6) Crossroads Rhode Island
7) Housing Action Coalition of Rhode Island
8) The Economic Progress Institute
9) Corporation for Supportive Housing
10) The Warm Center Questions/Comments? Preferred proposals:
1) Justification
2) Sustainable
3) Leverage
4) Plan of Evaluation
5) Sample Programs What we won't fund:
1) Direct Services
2) Minimal Financial Participation Broad Public Impact (Part 2): Low-
income HHs kept in / moved into homes (#, %) Why rental subsidies? Projected Changes in Homelessness - Point in Time
NOP - $1.5 million in funding retained (2011) through work of Coalition for the Homeless and others
$50 million affordable housing bond (2006) - HousingWorksRI (formed out of this campaign) Recent successful advocacy
campaigns in housing: There are current barriers to passing legislation - especially the economic climate.
And yet, building a network of advocates and supportive legislators around rental subsidies is critical to the long-run passage of state legislation. "Everything we’ve gotten since I’ve been in the state (1990 on) has been based on advocacy. It’s the only chance we have to get the rental subsidies we need to implement the plan to end homelessness."
-Eric Hirsch
Housing Advocate, Professor of Sociology - Providence College
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